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Bo and Nora ROLE PLAY and Have Sex on The FLOOR on One Life to Live!

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Tuesday’s One Life to Live started with Vimal (Nick Choksi) sniffing Rama’s (Shenaz Treasury) neck. The two talked about her job at Shelter, their open marriage and whether or not she was sleeping with other men.

Meanwhile, Todd (Roger Howarth) poured himself a glass of the alcohol Victor (Trevor St. John) had poisoned.

At Shelter, Cutter (Josh Kelley) dealt with a VIP guest, whom he apparently owed money. The obnoxious character called himself Jamie Franko and was played by rapper RiFF RAFF.  Cutter brought Franko his best bottle of wine, hoping to settle the score.

Matthew (Robert Gorrie) spent more time using Facebook to hit on the girl he and Jeffrey (Corbin Bleu) were interested in. The friends then went to Shelter.

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Jeffrey had his eye on Destiny (Laura Harrier) again. The pair spotted Dani (Kelley Missal) going into the VIP area with an older man. Matthew attempted to  follow, but couldn’t get past the bouncers. Jeffrey showed his press credentials and the two waltzed in.

Matthew confronted Dani, telling her she needed to leave with him. The man she was with got upset and there was a bunch of chest-pounding. Cutter pulled Matthew away. After Matthew was forced out, the perve told Cutter to get rid of Dani and find him another girl. Cutter gave his VIP premium liquor to calm him down. At the rate Cutter is giving away booze, he and Blair (Kassie DePaiva) will be broke very soon.

Dani returned home to discover Tea (Florencia Lozano) and Victor waiting up for her. Tea immediately ripped into Dani, while Victor put her through a sobriety test. Tea told Dani she would have to earn back her trust. The best moment was when Tea, amid all the anger, told Dani to stop and then said “I love you.”

Bo (Robert S. Woods) and Nora (Hillary B. Smith) did some talking and toasting. It was all very domestic for them.  The two discussed Nora’s college radio days, which led to them role-playing.

Nora wanted to know all his “big boy” fantasies. Apparently Bo’s into handcuffs and sex in squad cars. The hot and bothered pair ended up making love on the floor.

Back at Shelter, Matthew and Destiny (Laura Harrier) did a bit of grinding,  before she pushed him away. The episode ended with Todd passing out on his couch, as his glass of drugged booze hit the floor.