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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Luke’s door opens to a woman.  He informs her that he’s looking for Lauren Frank, and promises he’ll make it worth her while to tell him.  The woman claims she doesn’t know Lauren Frank, but Luke explains Franco’s mother gave him all the details. She told him Lauren’s mother’s name was Ava Jerome, which is the name on the woman’s mail.  Ava admits she is Lauren’s mother.

Ava explains how she met Franco, and admits he wasn’t crazy at first.  She soon lost her objectivity, and ended up pregnant. However, when Franco started to obsess about the baby, she cut all ties.  She reveals Lauren’s last name is actually Jerome. Luke corrects her and says it’s actually Quartermaine, which shocks Ava.  Luke tells her about Tracy and AJ’s war, and Lauren being the tiebreaker.  He leaves Ava with a proxy form for Lauren to sign. 

Spinelli’s door opens to a young woman.  He asks if she’s Lauren Frank, and admits he was hired to find her.  Lauren asks who hired him, and Spin explains about the Quartermaines being her family.  He points out that as an heir, she would inherit 6% of the stock.   Spin explains the fight between AJ and Tracy, and how AJ needs her vote.   Spin has a proxy document for Lauren to sign, but she admits she’s not Lauren Frank. Apparently, Luke paid her to play along. 

AJ and Liz arrive at their hotel in New York.  They share a toast, and AJ is glad Liz gave him a second chance.  Liz is happy she told him about Nik’s kiss. She believes if they’re going to make a go of this, then they need to have full disclosure.  AJ flashes back to his night with Carly, and says he has something to tell her. However, he chickens out, and simply says they are important to him.

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Tracy and Nikolas arrive at the hotel, and Tracy wonders again why he changed the hotel.  Nik admits Liz is there with AJ, and Tracy is upset AJ may spot them before they have a chance to ambush him on the show.  Nik is sure nothing is ruined.

Sonny stops by Carly’s to give her and Michael an update on Morgan.  Apparently, Morgan is hiding out with some girl he met online.  Michael points out it could be a predator, and decides to help find Morgan instead of joining AJ in New York.

Sam feels as though someone is watching her.  Alexis arrives, and Sam explains the feeling to her.  Sam brings up Franco, and how he destroyed her last months with Jason.  Alexis tells her to let go of the anger, because otherwise, she’s giving Franco power.  After the two leave, someone is seen watching them go. 

Liz heads off to her own room, only to walk in on Nikolas.  He tells her that he’s in town on business.  Liz wonders what the odds are that he would show up in the same town and hotel as her.  Liz figures Nik bribed the front desk to put them in the same room.  He denies it, but offers to share the bed with her.  Liz doesn't think it’s fair of him to tease her, and declares she’ll find her own room. 

AJ runs into Tracy and accuses her of following him to New York. He swears she won’t sabotage his television plans with her Pickle Tracy.   Tracy promises there is no Pickle Tracy, and claims she’s in town to meet people to start something new. 

Sonny wants Michael to get Spin to help with Morgan, but Michael informs him Spin is out of town on business.   Carly feels Spin should drop what he’s doing to help, but Michael has a better idea. He decides to reach out to Spin’s network, and have them track down Morgan.

Carly complains about having Sonny sign over his rights to Morgan, but their son still being in danger.  Sonny points out that with parents like them, Morgan was bound to get in trouble at some point.  Carly’s upset this could happen.

After Luke leaves, Ava calls out to someone to come out. The person who comes down the stairs is none other than Morgan Corinthos!