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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly and Michael continue to worry about Morgan.  Michael has reached out to Metro Court employee Woodrow, who is part of Spinelli’s online connections.  Woodrow has hacked into Morgan’s account, and found online chat records between him and a girl using the handle JeromeAroundTheWorld.  Woodrow has printed out Morgan’s last conversation, which Carly reads.  She wants Woodrow to find the girl, but he’s reached a security wall.  

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Morgan worries about Ava’s visitor from the night before, but she assures him it had nothing to do with him. She informs Morgan it was about her daughter.  Morgan tells her he’s gotten a bunch of messages from his parents, but was worried to listen to them for fear someone would be able to track him down.  Ava wants him to call his parents and let them help.  Morgan feels it’s his responsibility to get himself out of the mess he created, since he’s not a kid anymore.  Ava tells Morgan he has a family that cares, which is rare.  

Tracy wants to strategize with Nik about the best way to sabotage AJ, now that the element of surprise is gone.  Nikolas isn’t too concerned. 

AJ tells Liz he ran into Tracy, and doesn’t think it’s a coincidence she’s in New York.  When Liz mentions Nik is also in New York, AJ tells her Nik is now Tracy’s partner. He's certain they will sabotage his television performance.  Liz offers to talk to Nikolas. 

Luke and Spinelli run into each other at the hotel.  Spin’s upset Luke tricked him, and assumes he found the real Lauren.  Luke doesn’t tip his hand. 

Olivia visits Sonny to see if there was any progress made on the Morgan front.  Sonny asks for her help. He wants her to talk to Johnny at Pentonville for more information. Olivia has already been to Pentonville, and feels Johnny told her everything he knew. Olivia admits Johnny thinks there is something between her and Sonny.  Both Olivia and Sonny agree they are just friends.  

Spinelli tells AJ that Luke got to Lauren first, and Tracy likely knows.  AJ complains all his hard work is about to go down the drain, and nothing changes no matter how hard he tries.  AJ suffers another panic attack, and Spin stupidly thinks CPR is the answer.  AJ tells him to call Liz. 

Liz confronts Nikolas, who admits they are planning to sabotage AJ on The Chew.  Liz is angry Nik has set everything up just to stick it to AJ.  Nik feels she deserves better than AJ.  Liz accuses him of lying to her, and hurting the man she cares about. She asks if he thought his actions would make her run to him.  Nik admits after he was shot and nearly died, his only two regrets would have been leaving his son and losing time with Liz.  

Nik doesn’t understand why they were alone after Lucky left. Nik's alive and wants Liz. He again points out AJ hasn’t changed, and will cause damage. Nikolas loves Liz, but she's had enough. Liz feels if Nik truly loves her, he’ll back off and stop bullying AJ.

Liz gets back to AJ’s suite in time to stop Spinelli from further injuring AJ. She talks AJ down from his panic attack. AJ tells her Tracy found Lauren first, and planned to sabotage him. Liz assures him all will go well at the taping, and she tried to talk Nik out of the ambush.  AJ is thankful for her help. 

Luke tells Tracy he found Ava, but not Lauren. He left the proxy with Ava for Lauren to sign.  Tracy thinks Ava will press them for money, and Luke is certain that won’t happen. Tracy is just grateful AJ doesn’t have the information. 

Tracy goes to Nik, and asks if he's ready to leave. He tells her neither one of them is going to The Chew.  

Carly shows Sonny the transcript of Morgan’s calls. She points out whoever the girl is, knew how to play their son.  

Ava tells Morgan she’s going away on business, but he can stay at her place.  She advises him again to call his parents.  Morgan calls Michael.