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How Will Viki Save The Banner on One Life to Live?

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Wednesday’s episode opened with Dorian (Robin Strasser) watching a video of herself resigning as the senator from Pennsylvania. She started talking to herself, and said she didn’t approve of the message. Then, she pulled off her wig.

Hurricane Dani (Kelley Missal) burst into Matthew (Robert Gorrie) and Jeffrey’s (Corbin Bleu) apartment, and proceeded to give herself a tour. When she discovered they had a third bedroom, she suggested it would be perfect for her to move in.  I have to say, I like this version of Dani much better than the one pre-TOLN.

A hidden camera recorded Viki (Erika Slezak) and Clint (Jerry verDorn) discussing how much trouble The Banner is in financially. Clint told Viki if she wanted The Banner to flourish, she needed to start firing people. Later, Viki called Jeffrey and told him she couldn’t offer him a permanent position. However, she would like for him to continue to freelance for her. She would completely understand if he found a permanent job at another publication. 

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Todd (Roger Howarth) survived the poisoning attempt, because he showed up at Victor’s (Trevor St. John) door and told his brother he wanted to talk.  Todd wanted them to pretend to like each other for Jack’s (Andrew Trischitta) sake. They eventually agreed to a truce. After Todd left, Victor went to visit Jack and Sam at Blair’s house.

Clint ran into Natalie (Melissa Archer) and Destiny (Laura Harrier) with their children. Matthew walked in, and just sort of watched silently. When Matthew and Clint left, Clint told Matthew it was time to man up about his child.

Clint returned home, where he and Viki were given some bad news. If Viki moved as much money as is needed to The Banner from her personal funds, she would be insolvent in six months. Clint offered to give her the funds, but Viki couldn’t let him do that.  Just as Viki was reeling from the news, Jeffrey called and told her he would still freelance for her.

Meanwhile, Dorian looked over a file called the Pellegrino Fund. Now, I haven’t read any spoilers, but I had to wonder if the Pellegrino Fund, with Dorian at the helm, would end up being The Banner’s lifesaver.

Wednesday’s episode ended with Todd drinking more of the poisoned alcohol.