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HUH? Miranda Doesn’t Know Who Her Father is on All My Children?

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As AJ (Eric Nelsen) was leaving JR’s (Ryan Bittle) room, he bumped into David (Vincent Irizarry). The disgraced doctor tried to reconnect with his grandson, but AJ didn’t cut him any slack.  David told AJ if he ever needs anything, all he has to do is call.

Cara (Lindsay Hartley) told David a story about miscarrying their baby. Everytime he questioned part of her story, she covered.

Miranda (Denyse Tontz) told Celia (Jordan Lane Price) she didn't know who her father was. He was just a random sperm donor. Huh?

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How in blazing hell does Miranda Montgomery not know who her father is? The TOLN soaps keep driving home the point that we are in a digital age. Are we really to believe Miranda never Googled her mother, her Aunt Kendall (Alicia Minshew), her Uncle Zach (Thorsten Kaye), or her mega famous grandmother Erica Kane (Susan Lucci)?

Bianca's rape,  Michael Cambias' (William deVry) murder trial, the baby switch, all of these things would have made international headlines; headlines that would be forever searchable on the World Wide Web.

I assume the new AMC wants to have Miranda learn about her less-than-savory origins as part of an upcoming storyline, but it is a major stretch that she's managed to live 16 years blissfully ignorant about it.