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Surfs Up, But Hope's Down on The Bold and the Beautiful


Welcome back, Liam (Scott Clifton) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood)! I feel like you’ve been gone forever. No, seriously, how short was that honeymoon?

I love how cute Liam and Steffy are, even when they are being ridiculously cheesy.  Steffy suited him up to grill, then she headed out to visit her brother.

While Liam and Steffy had been making out over paint samples for the baby’s nursery, Oliver (Zack Conroy) and Thomas (Adam Gregory) talked about Hope (Kim Matula), as if she wasn’t in the same room with them. Poor, poor Hope, she really just needs to move on and get laid — the down and dirty way. 

Thomas and Oliver are now roommates in Taylor’s (Hunter Tylo) abandoned beach abode.  Both boys were hellbent on cheering up the hopeless Hope. I say let her wallow.

Oliver and Thomas had a day of surfing planned. Maya (Karla Mosley), who has never surfed, made the guest list.

Hope told Oliver she wasn’t going to surf and she didn’t need a babysitter.  While everyone else headed out, Thomas stayed behind with Hope.

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Thomas told Hope to get changed and get with it. Once again, she lamented about the life she was supposed to have.

Hope decided to make her way out the back door, just missing Steffy. Or did she?  In a classic soap move, Hope eavesdropped on Thomas and Steffy, as they talked about Liam and baby nurseries. Thomas told Steffy she deserves her happiness. Hope came out from her hiding place in tears.  Steffy walked in a moment later, finding her. 

Bill (Don Diamont) was uninterested in his staff meeting.  He dismissed everyone, but Alison stayed behind. She pointed out he was in a mood even she had never seen before. 

Bill told her about walking in on Brooke and Donna’s secretive conversation.  Apparently Brooke and Bill are rather transparent, as even Alison questioned just what type of relationship the two have. 

Bill ran down the night of the accident for Alison, before telling her he’s committed to Katie. He also told her to keep her trap shut about their conversation. 

Donna (Jennifer Gareis) again pressed Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) for answers.  I really need them to keep these conversations at Forrester up, so I Taylor can walk in on them.  Worried about both of her sisters, Donna asked Brooke to figure things out. 

Eric (John McCook) walked in looking for Rick (Jacob Young). He noticed that Brooke was upset and said he wasn’t surprised.  Eric told Brooke she can talk to him about menopause.  Brooke informed her ex-husband she wasn't in menopause.  He promised to be there for her, always.