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Scandal Recap: "Any Questions?"

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Cyrus (Jeff Perry) spent most of this week’s Scandal dodging reporters’ questions about the president’s affair.  Meanwhile, Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) was reluctant to make any statement at first, just wanting to stay in bed with Olivia (Kerry Washington).  How awkward was it having Cyrus stutter at the simple question, “Where is the President?” 

Cyrus finally got Fitz back into the Oval, only to be informed POTUS had decided to give a speech that night, telling the American people he would not seek re-election. Cyrus looked like he was going to puke. 

Desperate, he told Fitz to make up with Mellie (Bellamy Young), and he’d help Fitz carry on his affair with Liv.  Fitz stayed firm. He doesn't want an affair; he wanted to openly be with the woman he loves. 


Cyrus and James (Dan Bucatinsky) had a huge blowup. James said Cyrus was being irrational. Interviewing Mellie for his first TV gig was a huge opportunity.  Cyrus informed his naive husband his new job was the result of Mellie’s manipulations. She wanted to stick it to Fitz and Cy simultaneously. He essentially called James old, ugly, and stupid, then left him in tears. Maybe Fitz won’t be the only one going through a messy divorce next season? 

Mellie hired her own political fixer, played by John Barrowman.  He’s a great admirer of the First Lady, and won her over with his cunning and ability to steal speeches from the White House. 

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 The fixer assured Mellie she could win the media war— if she released the name of the president’s mistress. Mellie refused to play her last card, until after Fitz’s speech.  He delivered the rough draft, and she was shocked Fitz would consider resigning, but knew he wouldn’t go through with it. 

Cyrus and Olivia found out Fitz had never planned to run for re-election. He wanted to punish himself for not being good enough to win the first time. Olivia convinced him he could win on his own. 

When the time finally came for Fitz to give his speech, he went off book.  “My marriage is none of your business,” he told the press, before announcing he would run again.  Mellie was relieved, and her fixer impressed.  


Jake’s shady boss, Rowan (Joe Morton’s character finally has a name!), was unhappy Jake had failed to break up Olivia and the President.  Rowan later met with Cyrus, and told him to do the smart thing— use the sex tape of Jake and Olivia to get Fitz back in line. 

Rowan told Cyrus to cut Charlie off, and ordered Jake to take him out or else. Charlie got wise to the scheme, and cleverly evaded Jake.  He showed up at Olivia Pope and Associates for help.  

Charlie tried to bargain since he knew the identity of the mole, but Huck preferred to torture it out of him. Huck (Guillermo Díaz) got the name, and was going to kill Charlie, but Quinn (Katie Lowes) talked him into letting him disappear instead. 

After OPA discovered the Cytron card had been stolen from their safe, they thought Charlie had set them up. However, it was David (Joshua Malina) who had stolen the card. David handed over the card to the real mole— Billy Chambers (Matt Letscher)! What did you think of “Any Questions?"

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