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The Young and the Restless Co-Creator Lee Phillip Bell on Jeanne Cooper: "Her Love Was Unexpendable"

Soap dynasty matriarch Lee Phillip Bell has spoken out on the passing of her friend and colleague, the late Jeanne Cooper. Bell's husband, the late William J. Bell hired Cooper to play wealthy, drunken socialite Katherine Chancellor six months into The Young and the Restless' run on CBS, back in 1973.


"Jeanne Cooper: respected colleague, industry icon, woman of passion and grandeur; most important, beloved friend," said Bell. "She was a shining beacon. Her love was unexpendable, and was given freely to all, from fans to great celebrities. She was not jaded by success, nor impressed by wealth and fame. Her crowning glory was her family: her children Corbin, Collin and Caren and her grandchildren, whom she adored, and all of whom adored her in return. Her presence resonated in the lives of all those around her. Through her personal and professional journey, she saved hundreds, possibly thousands, from the depths of alcoholism. She embodied compassion and forgiveness. No daytime icon has ever been more influential in the lives of millions. She will be terribly missed, but her light will shine on forever. May angels guide you on your journey, dear Jeanne. I will love you forever." 

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