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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Tracy asks Nik why they aren’t going to The Chew.  Nik tells her destroying AJ would hurt Liz, and he promised her he’d back off.  Tracy decides she’ll do this on her own, but Nik has two bodyguards stop her from leaving.  Tracy begs for a chance to save her family legacy. However, Nik informs her that his future is with Liz, and not the relish.  

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AJ and Liz are backstage at The Chew.  He’s thrilled he is close to saving ELQ.  Liz is glad she’s sharing AJ's big day with him. She admits she almost wrote him off as a faithless jerk, but was wrong.  

Carly runs into Anna, and asks for her help in finding Morgan.  Unfortunately, Anna has no jurisdiction in Nashville, and advises Carly to hire a PI.  

Morgan pretends all is well with Michael on the phone, but Michael quickly informs him they know everything. He promises to help get Morgan out of this mess.  Michael wants Morgan to come home, but Morgan doesn’t want his father fixing his problems.  Michael swears he has Morgan’s back. Michael asks where Morgan is, so he can join him.  

Sam spots Rafe’s black eye, and doesn’t believe his excuse that he walked into a door.  She asks if TJ is responsible, and Rafe swears he has things under control. He promises to clear the air with TJ. 

TJ deletes "Molly's" text to Rafe, as Molly arrives looking for her lost phone.  She checks for a text, and TJ wonders if she’s expecting something from Rafe.  Molly swears she and Rafe are just friends.  TJ has something important to tell Molly, when Rafe arrives. Molly is shocked by his black eye.

Rafe lies, and says the group home kids jumped him again.  Molly insists they tell someone.  TJ admits he’s the one who hit Rafe because he texted Molly.  He also confesses to deleting the text. Molly is upset TJ set a trap for Rafe.  Rafe claims TJ sucker punched him, and ran.  In response, Molly angrily tells TJ she isn’t going to the prom with him.  

A stagehand checks in on AJ, and asks about Tracy. He also mentions the episode is actually about a taste off of both relishes.  AJ wonders what happened to Tracy, but Liz thinks Nikolas stopped her from coming.

Anna and Duke sit at Kelly’s, and enjoy some Pickle Lila. They also celebrate their new relationship.  Duke jokes if the relish doesn’t save the company, he’ll have to turn to a life of crime. Anna helps him tweet about The Chew. 

Carly goes to Sam, and asks for help to find Morgan.  She gives Sam all the details, and complains about Anna not helping her. Sam points out Anna has no jurisdiction outside of Port Charles, but offers her help.  Carly is upset Morgan still ended up part of Sonny's life after she worked so hard to shield him from it.

Carly feels Michael would be able to handle things better than Morgan, because Morgan is reckless.  Sam sends Morgan a text and claims to be JeromeAroundTheWorld. Carly doesn’t think Morgan will fall for it.  Morgan responds, and texts he’s talking to his brother. Carly immediately heads home to find Michael gone.

Liz is surprised when Nik arrives at the studio.  He tells her that he stopped Tracy from coming, because Liz asked him to stand down. Nik feels AJ will crash and burn without any help from him.  Liz believes AJ has changed, and stresses she’s here with him.  Nikolas is not pressuring her, and will back off. However, he won’t back down.  He feels they have something real, and doesn’t want to give up.  AJ finds them together. 

Tracy tries to leave, but the guards won’t let her.  Tracy tries to appeal to their business sense, and claims the Cassadine’s are in near ruin. She thinks the goons would be better of with her, as a company on the rise.  She offers them a head of security position, but they don’t bite.

Tracy feels defeated, and speaks to Edward.  She tells him she understands he wanted her to save the company, and make him proud. However, she has failed, and AJ is stealing the victory.  Tracy begs her late father’s forgiveness for wasting this last chance. 

Tracy hears a thud at the door, and finds the two bodyguards knocked out. She quickly runs away.

Morgan thinks Michael has arrived, and opens the door to discover two goons ready to pound him.