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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Nikolas reassures Liz and AJ that Tracy will not show up on The Chew.  On the air, The Chew hosts announce Tracy has chickened out, and AJ is called to the set to reveal his relish. The hosts go on about the wonder of Pickle Lila, and ask if it’s the original recipe.  AJ admits it isn’t, but stresses it’s new and improved.   

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Emma and Patrick are enjoying breakfast, but she knows something isn't quite right.  Patrick tells her there will be a baby after all, and Emma has an angry response.  Patrick’s not happy with her language, and reprimands her.  He reassures Emma that while they will need to adjust their lives for the new baby, all will be okay.   

Olivia visits Connie, who asks about what’s happening with Morgan.  Suddenly, three goons working for the gambling ring arrive, and are angry the Falconeri women have visited Johnny in Pentonville. Apparently, they dug deeper and found out Morgan was Sonny’s son.  Olivia manages to text Sonny for help. 

Carly and Sam give Sonny and Shawn an update on Morgan, and conclude Michael likely went off to find him.  Sam decides to try to track Michael’s phone, as Sonny heads out to Crimson. 

Michael finds a beaten up Morgan on the floor.   Morgan informs Michael the goons will be back tonight, and he’ll get the money.  Michael wonders how he will come up with the money, and decides he needs to take Morgan to the hospital to be checked out.   At the hospital, Michael watches AJ on The Chew.    

Tracy makes it to the set of The Chew, but is stopped by one of Nik’s bodyguards.  She quickly knocks him out, and keeps going.  Nikolas tries to stop Tracy, who knees him in the groin.  Tracy runs onto the set, and shows them her relish. 

Sabrina tells Felix she confronted Britt, only to have Britt look like the victim.  Felix thinks Brad, the lab tech, falsified the records for Britt, and is determined to get the information from him.  Brad wants to sex up Felix in return, but Felix can’t go through with it.

Sabrina apologizes to Britt for being rude.  Britt doesn’t think it’s sincere.  Patrick tells Sabrina about Emma’s reaction.  Britt informs Patrick her condition is deteriorating, and she needs to be on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy.  She doesn’t know how she’ll manage, since she lives alone. 

Patrick offers to pay for a private nurse, but Britt didn’t re-sign her lease and is basically homeless.  Patrick tells Sabrina that Britt will be living with him. 

Carly finally reaches Michael, who tells her Morgan is at a hospital in Manhattan.  Meanwhile, Morgan checks himself out, and takes off. 

Sonny and Shawn arrive at Crimson just in time to shoot the head goon in the leg, and rescue the Falconeri women.  Sonny wants to kill the head goon, but Connie points out he knows Morgan's whereabouts. Sonny orders him to spill the beans.  

Sam and Carly get to the hospital in Manhattan, and search for Michael and Morgan. Sam runs into Doctor Michael Easton.

Michael returns to Ava’s house, and desperately knocks on the door for Morgan. However, a dark haired Kristen Alderson opens the door instead.

Tracy tells everyone her relish is named after her father, and AJ stole the original and made a knock off.  The Chew hosts have a taste off between both relishes.  Before Mario Batali can declare a winner, all the hosts and Liz get sick from eating the relish.  Everyone wonders who would have tampered with the relish.  A blonde Roger Howarth stands around looking smug at the broadcast.