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Top 5 Moments From Once Upon A Time's "And Straight On 'Til Morning"

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The Season 2 Finale of Once Upon A Time proved “Magic always comes with a price”. How big of a price did our favorite Storybrooke citizens pay? Check out The Top 5 Moments from OUAT’s “And Straight On ‘Til Morning”.


Emma and Regina Save Storybrooke

As Regina (Lana Parrilla) struggled to contain the diamond’s power to destroy Storybrooke, the Charming’s looked on in horror. Emma (Jennifer Morrison) soon realized she might be able to help Regina, and save Storybrooke with her own power. She closed her eyes, and summoned her magic from deep within. A bright light of energy emerged from Emma’s hands, and combined with Regina’s magic onto the diamond.

Suddenly, a huge blast of magic erupted from the diamond and threw both women across the room. When they finally recovered, the diamond was thankfully deactivated. Storybrooke began to return to its prior state. Good and Evil worked together for a common cause. Is it possible for the women to continue their truce in Season 3?


Henry is Kidnapped

As Emma and Regina joined forces, they didn’t realize Henry (Jared S. Gilmore) had gone missing. Emma found his torn backpack, and realized Greg (Ethan Embry) and Tamara (Sonequa Martin-Green) had kidnapped Henry. The group searched for Henry, and found him right as Greg and Tamara used a magic bean to open a portal. The Storybrooke newbie’s admitted to Henry, he was the key to their plan all along.

Before Emma and company could reach them; Greg and Tamara grabbed Henry and jumped into the portal. Emma freaked out, and begged Regina to help her find a way to rescue Henry. Regina informed her it was impossible, because Hook had stolen the last magic bean. At that moment, Rumpelstiltskin and Belle walked up. Emma ordered Rumpel to help her find Henry, but Rumpel told her Henry was lost without another portal. How will the group rescue Henry?

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Baelfire and Captain Hook’s History

Shortly after Baelfire’s (Dylan Schmid) arrival on Captain Hook’s (Colin O’Donoghue) ship, the captain and his lackey, William Smee (Christopher Gauthier), questioned him. Bae mentioned his father was a coward, and told Hook his name. Hook quickly figured out Bae was his arch nemesis’, Rumpelstiltskin’s, child. Hook knew Bae would be very beneficial to keep around, but there was a huge problem. A crew of hooded people showed up on Hook’s ship. They were “The Lost Boys” searching for Bae for their leader, Peter Pan. Hook lied about Bae’s whereabouts, and The Lost Boys didn’t find him. However, they vowed to return to look for the boy.

Later, Bae was officially one of Hook’s ship hands. Hook and Bae bonded, and the captain even taught the boy how to steer the ship. Bae left, and William Smee once again warned Hook of the consequences of keeping Bae away from Peter Pan. Before Hook could properly answer, Bae attacked him with a sword. Bae found a drawing of his mother Milah on Hook’s desk, and demanded to know how he knew her. Bae accused Hook over being the pirate who killed his mother. Hook told Bae the truth about his relationship with Milah, and her death. He asked Bae to join him on his ship for good, but Bae refused. Bae wanted to be returned to The Darling Family in London, but Hook couldn’t do it. They were in Neverland, and there is no escape from there. Bae stormed off, as Hook watched on.

During the Night, Hook attempted to appeal to Bae’s feelings once last time. He offered to have Bae join the ship again, and be his family. When Bae refused yet again, “The Lost Boys” jumped on the ship. Hook willingly surrendered Bae to the gang, as the two shared one last look at each other.

In Neverland, a terrified Bae faced “The Lost Boys”. The group chatted amongst themselves, and determined Bae wasn’t the boy Peter Pan desired. They held up a drawing of the boy Peter wanted, and it was none other than Henry! What does Peter Pan want with Henry?


Rumpelstiltskin and Belle Reunite

After attempting to kill Henry, Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle) found out about Baelfire’s unfortunate trip down the portal. Devastated, The Dark One told Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) and David (Josh Dallas) he would not help them save Storybrooke. He retreated to his shop to drown his sorrows, only to discover The Seven Dwarfs rummaging through it. Apparently, the dwarfs, with some help from The Blue Fairy (Keegan Connor Tracy), conjured up a potion to restore the memories of people who have crossed the border. The dwarfs were at the pawnshop to retrieve Sneezy’s favorite mug. In order to remember the past, the person must consume the potion from their most prized possession. The dwarfs left with the mug, but Grumpy (Lee Arenberg) stayed behind and spoke with Rumpel. He gave Rumpel another vial of the potion he had made up for Belle (Emilie de Ravin). Grumpy remembered Belle helped him once, and he wanted to return the favor. He begged Rumpel not to let Belle die as Lacey, and left the shop.

Lacey entered the room, and asked what was going on. Rumpel put the potion away and told her nothing. Rumpel decided to numb the pain of Storybrooke and Bae by drinking with Belle. However, she accidentally spilled it, and tried to wipe it up with Bae’s old shawl. Rumpel freaked out, and quickly realized what he needed to do.

He pulled the old chipped cup out of a cabinet, and magically put it back together. He poured the potion Grumpy gave to him in it, and told “Lacey” to drink it. After “Lacey” drank the potion, a blue tint covered her. She looked up, and uttered “Rumpelstiltskin”. Belle had returned, and shared a touching reunion with Rumpel. He felt bad for bringing her memory back with Storybrooke slowly crumbling around them, but he needed her.  It’s amazing what the love of a good woman can do to any man.


Saving Henry in Season 3

As The Charming’s, Regina and Rumpel freaked out over Henry, Belle saw something strange on the water. On the horizon, Captain Hook’s ship made it’s way into the harbor. Hook returned with the last magic bean, and intended to help save the town. They quickly informed him the town was safe, but Henry had been taken. Hook offered his ship and services to help find the boy, and they all agreed to hop on.

However, Rumpel told Belle she had to stay behind. Greg and Tamara may be gone, but there were others who would follow them, thus leaving the town subjective to more danger. He gave Belle a small scroll, which contained a cloaking spell to hide the town from outsiders, and instructed her to use it once they left. Belle wondered how Rumpel would find his way back to her. She soon realized he wouldn’t return to her due to the prophecy. Rumpel knew his fate, but didn’t care because he wished to honor Bae by saving Henry. Belle and Rumple said their “goodbyes”, and Rumpel joined the others on the ship.

Rumpel used a magic crystal ball and located Henry. Greg and Tamara took him to Neverland. Hook threw a magic bean into the ocean, and the ship disappeared into a green portal. It appears we’re going to Neverland in Season 3!