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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Everyone on The Chew continues to be sick from the relish.  Tracy blames AJ, and then tries to talk to Mario, who wants nothing to do with her.  Tracy asks her heavenly father what’s she’s supposed to do now.  Mario is taken to the hospital, and Tracy follows. 

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Liz throws up from the relish, and Nikolas helps her until AJ arrives. They decide to take her to the hospital.  At the hospital, Liz is treated for food poisoning, while Nikolas watches over her.  

Michael is looking for Morgan, and finds him at Ava’s house.  The girl who answered the door tells him that she’s Morgan’s girlfriend, Kiki.  Michael accuses her of being the person responsible for getting Morgan in trouble with the gambling ring.  Kiki informs Michael she has a way of getting Morgan’s money back, which involves inviting several college kids over for a game.  Michael doesn’t trust Kiki, and warns Morgan not to go through with the game.  However, Morgan is determined to win the money back. 

Sam is scared when she sees Steven Clay’s look alike, and believes it’s the serial killer. She exclaims she thought he was dead, and promises he won’t get away with pretending to be a doctor.  The doctor admits he isn’t Steven Clay, but he’s his brother.  

Carly’s looking for Morgan and Michael, and shows their photo to the nurse who recognizes them. She explains that Morgan left, and Michael went after him.  Carly is surprised to see AJ, who tells her about the food poisoning.  She updates him on Michael and Morgan, and admits she hasn't found either of them.

TJ runs into Felix, and tells him about Molly dumping him right before prom. He also explains everything that happened with Rafe.  Felix warns TJ to stop being jealous, or he’ll send Molly straight into Rafe’s arms.  Felix tells TJ to trust Molly, and ask for her forgiveness.  

Rafe finds Molly, and apologizes again for what happened.  Molly feels TJ was being a bully.  Rafe admits he’s in love with Molly, and they have a connection.  He feels it wasn't TJ’s fault, and he needs to take responsibility. Rafe just wants to be honest with Molly.  Rafe thinks Molly should give TJ a second chance.  The two hug, as TJ arrives to see the embrace.

Sonny and Shawn are on their way to find Morgan.  Sonny tells Shawn about Mike being a gambling addict, and swears Morgan will fare better.  Shawn assures him Morgan is just a college kid, who got carried away.  Sonny’s worried Morgan doesn’t understand his father’s business. He vows whoever is behind this doesn’t know whom they’re messing with.  

Tracy wanders around the hospital trying to find Mario. She ends up overhearing AJ and Carly talk about their night together.  

After spending the day watching the happenings at The Chew, Roger Howarth's character calls someone to inform them he’s in Port Charles.