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Sexy Supervillain Robert Kelker-Kelly: "There’s Almost a New York Soapy Feel to GH Now"

Could Robert Kelker-Kelly one day return as vile, frozen, supervillain Stavros Cassadine on General Hospital? The actor is open to it, largely because of the positive experience he had working with the soap's executive producer Frank Valentini.


In a revealing interview with Soap Opera Uncensored—where he's named "Sexiest Man Ever"—Kelly had nothing but nice things to say about GH and Valentini. Shocker of shockers, he even said Stavros is his favorite soap role of all time! Just stick a knife in my Bo and Carly (Days of Our Lives) and Sam and Amanda (Another World) loving heart why don't you, RKK...

Here's an excerpt from the chat, where he discussses Valentini and the evolution of Stavros and GH:

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How has GH changed since you were last on in 2001?

They killed Stavros off when 9.11 happened — and rightfully so. Stavros was trying to take over the world with biotoxins. The difference? The speed of soaps have always been fast and furious, but even more now because of budgetary constraints. It’s even faster. It was there before, but now it’s even more palpable: everyone is working hard together to get a good product out. There’s almost a New York soapy feel to GH now. They really want to produce a good product and there’s less focus on our egos. We want to do the best for the audience. It was very refreshing. Frank’s on set. Excuse my phrase, but Frank gives a shit. He’s going to be there watching and tweaking it. I’m super happy for them because they’re creating something that’s about the show. They’re supporting the show and supporting the fans and giving them what they want.