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Do You Watch All My Children, One Life to Live or Both? (POLL)

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 In Prospect Park’s announcement confirming they are cutting All My Children and One Life to Live down from four episodes per week to two, one of the reasons cited for the decision was because fans are reportedly watching one soap or the other, but not both.

On ABC the shows shared a large percentage of their viewers with each other. Yet, the majority of our viewers are watching one show or the other, not both, and they aren’t viewing the shows when they did before. Part of the reason for choosing between the shows may be that the largest viewing takes place either between 12PM and 1PM (when people generally can only fit one episode during lunch time) or between 5PM and 7PM (when the vast majority of competing shows are a half hour long). We are finding that asking most people to regularly watch more than a half hour per day online seems to be too much.

Each show has a passionate fanbase, so we’re curious to know:

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Which TOLN soap are you watching, All My Children, One Life to Live or both?