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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Tracy records the conversation between AJ and Carly about their night together.  AJ spots her, and Tracy confesses she knows he and Carly slept together behind Liz’s back. Both AJ and Carly try to deny it, but Tracy doesn't care. She’s too busy wondering how to use the information.  Tracy blames AJ for everyone getting sick, and gives him an ultimatum. He must take all the blame for the relish, or she’ll tell Liz about his night with Carly.  AJ calls Tracy’s bluff, so she heads off to find Liz.  

Carly warns AJ that Tracy will make good on her threat. However, AJ’s worried about the possible lawsuits against ELQ, if he admits his relish was tainted.  

Sam explains to Silas about his brother, the serial killer.  Silas tells her he hadn’t seen his brother in more than ten years.  Silas apologizes for what Steven Clay did to Sam and the others. Sam also tells him about Rafe.  Silas is not really interested, and Sam accuses him of not having any compassion.  Silas refuses to do penance for his brother’s sins.  

Liz thanks Nikolas for his support, but it doesn’t change anything between them.  Nik continues to claim AJ will screw up at some point, and his concern is only for her.  Liz is certain AJ won’t do anything to hurt her, but Tracy arrives and says he already did.  

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Connie and Olivia are keeping the goon company, while they wait for confirmation from Sonny about Morgan. Sonny calls and informs the women the goon gave him the wrong address to find Morgan. In response, Olivia threatens to shoot the goon’s other knee, so he gives the correct address.  

The college kids realize Kiki and Morgan are cheating, and angrily leave.  Kiki is mad at Michael for interfering.  Morgan insists he’ll handle this without Sonny’s’ help.  

Soon, the original goons return.  Morgan tells them he has ten thousand, but they want the full fifty.  Michael and Morgan end up in a fistfight with the goons, until Shawn and Sonny show up.  

TJ becomes enraged when he spots Rafe and Molly hugging. They both assure him it’s not what he thinks.  Molly finally gets fed up with TJ, and refuses to go to the prom with him. She informs him she's already asked Rafe to prom, and he agreed.  Molly accuses TJ of not trusting or believing her.  TJ storms off.  Rafe wonders if she means it about the prom, and Molly wants them to go as friends.  

Tracy tells Liz that AJ doesn’t deserve her loyalty.  AJ arrives, and admits his relish caused the food poisoning, because it wasn’t FDA approved.  Liz points out they’ve been eating the relish since before they came to New York.  AJ tells her there was a problem with the preservation, and is taking full responsibility.  

Sonny warns the goons to take his money and leave.  Michael explains what happened.  Kiki introduces herself as Katherine.  Sonny wonders if she’s related to the Jerome family that was once in Port Charles, but Kiki denies it.  Sonny doesn’t believe it is coincidence that Morgan would be beaten up in her house.  Sonny insists Morgan leave and come home with him.