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Steffy Doesn't Remember Being Pregnant on The Bold and the Beautiful


Steffy, (Jacqueline MacInness Wood) still groggy and out of it, doesn’t seem to recall much of anything, not hopping on her motorcycle, not being married to Liam (Scott Clifton) and most certainly not being with child. 

She did, however, want to know just how bad she was going to look in a bikini. Just where are we going with this? 

Dr. Meade (Jon Hensley) told Liam he was going to call Bill (Don Diamont) and alert him to what had happened. I get that Dr. Meade has history with the family, but why is he taking it upon himself to call Bill? When he did call Bill, he claimed Liam asked him to. No he didn’t, Dr. Meade!  Is this all just plot points to get Hensley more screen time, because there are much better ways.

Meade tried to tell Bill about Steffy losing the baby, but Bill was more concerned with getting to his son. Why is this doctor sharing information about his patient?  Ever hear of confidentiality?

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Hope (Kim Matula) and Thomas (Adam Gregory) were at Forrester talking about Hope’s run in with Steffy at the beach house.  Taylor (Hunter Tylo) called to let Thomas know his sister had been in an accident.  Feeling Thomas was too upset to drive; Hope offered to drive him to the hospital. He didn’t look that upset to me. 

Thomas and Hope arrived at the hospital and found out about the loss of the baby. Thomas was furious that no one had told Steffy.  Liam angrily informed his brother-in-law that Steffy didn’t remember being pregnant. 

Rick (Jacob Young), Maya (Karla Mosley) and Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) all arrived at the club ready for a night out. Maya hung out with Othello in the DJ booth, as Caroline pulled Rick out on the dance floor. 

Despite Rick telling Othello that Caroline knew he was with Maya, Caroline clearly ignored the memo. Later, as Maya and Rick were dancing, Caroline cut in. 

Rick yet again attempted to end things with Caroline. Maya made her way over to the bar, where Jesse (Ricky Paull Goldin) made his presence known. 

The nurse tending to Steffy stepped out of her room and told Liam his wife was asking for him. That apparently meant everyone should bombard the poor girl.  Liam began to tell Steffy about the baby.