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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lulu has a nightmare about being dragged away, and Milo hears her yelling.  She thinks it was more of a memory than a dream, and wonders exactly what Stavros did to her.  She thanks Milo for being such a good friend.  He admits he likes having her there, and leans in for a kiss. However, it is interrupted by a knock on the door.  

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Laura stops by Windermere to invite Nikolas to her wedding to Scotty.  She wonders if he objects.  Nik is concerned about what Scotty did to Lulu, but Laura reassures him Scott and Lulu have made their peace.  She doesn't think it’s fair to make Scotty wait and put their life on hold, while Lulu recovers.  Laura stresses it’s important to have Nik’s blessing. He just wants his mother to be happy.  Laura informs him the ceremony is at the courthouse at 5pm.  Nik offers Windermere instead. 

Laura mentions Lucky is still in Africa doing charity work, and she didn’t want him to drop that for her. Nik understands, and can't wait for the wedding. The two are thrilled when Lesley and Spencer arrive.  

Scotty finds Lucy working on her resume, and tells her about the wedding. However, he's worried Luke will do something to stop it.  The two hug, as Kevin walks in and sees them. Lucy explains that Scotty and Laura are getting married.  Scotty decides to find Luke to warn him off.  Lucy’s upset at the amount of time Kevin is spending elsewhere with his super secret patient.  Kevin assures her that he has the situation under control.

Dante finds The Haunted Star back on the dock, and is surprised to see Luke inside.  Luke informs him the WSB was finished with the establishment, and tugged it back.  Dante tells him Lulu is still shacked up with Milo. He's discovered every time it seems Lulu gets a memory; she’s interrupted and loses it.  Luke advises Dante to get Lulu alone, but Dante feels that will only push her further away.   Dante decides to use The Haunted Star to get to Lulu back.

Dante finds Lulu at Milo’s, and tells her the boat is back. It is a public hazard she needs to deal with first hand, since she owns it.  While Lulu gets ready, Dante accuses Milo of keeping Lulu away from her family. 

Scotty finds Luke and tells him that he’s marrying Laura. He warns Luke to stay away from the ceremony.  Luke gives Scotty and Laura his blessing. Scotty makes a sly comment about Luke ending up alone.

Laura gives her mother an update on Lulu, and Lesley feels Lulu will make new memories.  Laura tells Lesley she’s marrying Scotty, and Lesley freaks out.  Laura informs her mother she and Scotty enjoy each other, and have gotten over the mistakes they made.  Lesley won’t let Laura make the same mistake again.  

Scotty arrives, as Lesley declares they’ll get married over her dead body.  He doesn’t understand her anger, since they were once so close.  Lesley yells that Scott killed her husband, and let Laura take the blame.  Scotty regrets Rick’s death, but he was trying to protect Laura from Rick’s abuse.  He wants Lesley’s blessing for the wedding, but warns he will get married without it.  He tells her to think of Laura. 

On The Haunted Star, Dante explains to Lulu what happened with Helena when he and her parents came to rescue her.  Lulu’s surprised he almost died for her, but Dante swears he’d do anything for her.  He tells Lulu they had their first kiss on the boat.  With the help of a flashback, he recounts the night she helped him by catching Ethan cheating at cards. Dante lays on the charm and admits she was drawn to him, but wanted him to work for it. Lulu comments on Dante’s cheesy pick up lines, but seems to thaw toward him.  

Luke sits at the bar, and toasts to Laura and Scotty.