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Liam Helps Steffy Remember The Devastating Truth on The Bold and the Beautiful


I wonder why Alison (Princess Theodora) went old school with the camera she used to snap a pic of Maya (Karla Mosley) violating her parole with Jesse (Ricky Paull Goldin)? What, Spencer Publications can't spring for an iPhone?

Jesse told Maya (Karla Mosley) they should grab their daughter and get out of town. Maya broke the news their daughter had died in a car crash. Maya told her baby daddy they simply couldn't be together. 

Alison paid Jesse for a job well done.  He wanted to know why Maya was being targeted. Alison informed him their business was done — that’s all he needed to know. Alison called Bill to let him know the mission was successful. 

Maya found Rick (Jacob Young) and told him she'd run into an old friend, who reminded her how lucky she is to have Rick. The pair shared a kiss, which a seething Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) witnessed. 

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Liam (Scott Clifton) helped Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) remember events from their life together. As he got her to recall their various wedding, tragedies and break-ups, their loved ones looked on from the hospital hallway.

Hope (Kim Matula) offered to leave, if anyone felt too awkward having Steffy's rival for Liam's affections there. Bill (Don Diamont) told Hope to stay. 

Steffy continued to question Liam about what he was keeping from her. Liam gently guided her through remembering the events leading up to the accident. She started to recall their plans for that day.

Liam asked if she remembered why he didn’t want her riding her motorcycle. Steffy slowly realized she was pregnant. Seconds later, the look on Liam's face made it all too clear she wasn't anymore.  

As Steffy broke down in sobs, the group outside looked on in agony. Kudos to Wood and Clifton. You broke my heart right along with Steffy and Liam's.