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SPOILER ALERT: Young and Restless' Joshua Morrow Speaks Out on Nick's Game-Changing DECEPTION!

Oh Nicholas (Joshua Morrow), how could you? On today's episode of The Young and the Restless, viewers learn Genoa City's hottest scion has been keeping one whopper of a secret — Summer (Hunter King) may not be his daughter!


While the rumor mill has been churning about Jack (Peter Bergman) possibly having fathered Phyllis' (Michelle Stafford) child for awhile now, TV Guide Magazine'sMichael Logan got to the bottom of the paternity pickle in a new interview with Morrow himself.

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Here's an excerpt:

TV Guide Magazine: Great story twist, but this is so not Nick. How can he justify what he's done?

Morrow: It really worried me when I heard they were taking my character in a direction that was potentially evil. Nick takes being a father very seriously. It means the world to him. How could he deny another man the right to parent his own child? All those lost years! I expressed my concern about that but [head writer] Josh Griffith and [exec producer] Jill Phelps said, "We have a way of telling this story that won't make it as dastardly as it seems."

I ain't mad at Nick. If Jack's treatment of his long-lost, Vietnamese son Keemo is any indication, Super Girl has been better off a Newman! For more of Logan's interview with Morrow, click here!