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Did Scandal's Finale Keep You Guessing?

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Secret meetings once again had to be held to determine what to do over Defiance.  Olivia (Kerry Washington), Cyrus (Jeff Perry), Hollis (Gregg Henry), Mellie (Bellamy Young), and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn), who replaced Verna, met in the White House kitchen. 

Hollis suggested they should do what they should have done over a year ago: kill David Rosen (Joshua Malina).  Fitz decreed no more bloodshed, and they decided to get the Cytron card back and destroy it this time. 

Fitz also informed Liv he wanted her to be his First Lady now, and not wait another four years after the election to be together.  He told her to come up with a plan that made the American public love her more than Mellie, and them as a couple. Then, he could still win a second term with Olivia by his side.


Billy saved his neck last season by making an alliance with Charlie.  Olivia Pope and Associates soon figured out he was working with a jilted Governor Reston, who tried to blackmail the president into a spot in his administration. 

Huck (Guillermo Díaz) couldn’t stomach torturing the location of the Cytron card out of Billy—so Quinn (Katie Lowes) did it!  Huck was horrified he had turned her into a monster, since she enjoyed the torture-by-electric-drill way too much. 

Quinn, face drenched in blood, smiling gleefully was a bit ridiculous.  I don't care how much time Quinn has spent with Huck, you don't go from small-town lawyer to sociopathic assassin in that amount of time.


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Billy talked, and OPA realized David Rosen had played them.  However, David also played Billy, who thought they’d bonded over having OPA destroy their lives.  (I knew he wouldn't ditch the "white hat" for a confessed murderer!).  David recorded Billy confessing to the mole’s crimes, and then made a deal with Cyrus.  In exchange for the Cytron card, David became a hero for finding the mole, and the president appointed him District Attorney of D.C.

Jake and Cyrus both worried Rowan (Joe Morton) was going to kill Olivia.  Jake intercepted Rowan’s assassin, and got thrown in his own underground cell for insubordination. 

Beforehand, he made peace with Olivia.  Although he’d been ordered to get “close” to Olivia, he seemed like he’d really developed true feelings for the fixer. So, maybe we’ll see Scott Foley again?

The stress of everything finally culminated in Cyrus having a heart attack.  It led to a sort of reconciliation with James, but not so much between Fitz and Mellie, much to his chagrin.


The best scene was hands down Fitz’s monologue to Mellie, when she put on a show of visiting Cyrus in the hospital.  Olivia’s plan for her and Fitz to be together was actually quite brilliant.  It was still probably unlikely to ever happen, but if any plan could work, it’d be that one (even Cyrus admitted so). 

Mellie and Fitz would divorce, but he’d support her candidacy.  Fitz would put on a show of dating, then grow close to and date his trusted advisor, Olivia Pope. She would be undoubtedly beloved by the people at this point, at which time they’d wed.  In only two years!  All Mellie had to do, was never release Liv’s name to the press. If she did, he’d ruin her political future by telling everyone she’s racist.  Mellie was pissed. 

Fitz seems like the guy who’s not so exceptional, but who knows how to surround himself with those who are.  Now, a political marriage between Olivia and Mellie would truly be an unstoppable alliance.


Cyrus made a last-ditch effort to break up Olitz.  (A fed up Cyrus screaming in rage, “Romeo and Juliet were teenagers!  And they died!” was my favorite line of the night).  Cyrus told Olivia about Fitz killing Verna.  She was horrified.  Cyrus made Fitz watch the DVD of Jake and Olivia having sex.  He was devastated. 

Later, Olivia came to Fitz.  She didn’t hate him, and he didn’t hold her relationship with Jake against her.  However, she knew they couldn’t be together anymore.  Fitz needed to forgive himself, get over Defiance, and run again for president with Mellie by his side.  She told him she also had to move on, and couldn’t leave her friends at the office (Lame!). 

Sometime later, a refreshed Olivia got ready to go on a jog.  The smile was wiped right off her face as soon as she went outside, and was inundated with dozens of reporters asking if she was the president’s mistress!  Two goons shoved the shocked fixer into a limo with Rowan.  “Hello, Olivia,” he said.  To which Olivia replied, “Dad?”

I was a little indifferent about the finale, until the cliffhanger.  I did not see that twist coming!  What is Rowan playing at?  Why is he so “involved” in his daughter’s sex life?  Did he really try and kill her?! Does he just want Olivia away from the president as a father, or the head of the nefarious B613?  Season 3 seems really far away. 

Also, we all think Rowan turned Olivia over to the press, right? It had to be his last-ditch effort to keep her away from Fitz?  Or, could Fitz have been too late groveling to Mellie, and she’s the one who told? 

What did you think of the finale, "White Hats Back On?"

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