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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Scotty begs for Lesley’s forgiveness about the past. Lesley wonders if Laura feels more gratitude and nostalgia than love.  Laura assures her mother she does love Scotty, and feels he never gave up on her. She swears Scotty kept her safe. Lesley finally gives her blessing, but with a warning to Scotty to never hurt Laura.  

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Dante continues to try to get Lulu to remember their relationship. By flashback, he reminds her of their first kiss.  Dante wants them to kiss to see if she’ll remember, but Lulu’s not falling for it. Dante leans in for the kiss, but Lulu pulls back.  Lulu gets a call from Laura asking her to come to the wedding.  Dante convinces Lulu to go. 

AJ calls Liz to apologize again for the tainted relish.  Tracy grabs the phone, and tells Liz that AJ is a cheat and a liar. However, before she can say any more, AJ stops her. Off the phone, Tracy warns AJ she’ll tell Liz about Carly, since he didn’t take full responsibility for the tainted relish.  AJ confessed to Mario Batali, but Tracy wants him to exonerate her relish and issue a press release.  AJ decides he’ll tell Liz about Carly before Tracy can.  

Luke’s drowning his sorrows in alcohol, but Mac decides he shouldn’t be drinking and reminds Luke of his intervention.  Luke claims Jake’s death was an accident, and he wasn’t impaired.  Mac refuses to continue to serve Luke, who angrily leaves.  

Nikolas and Spencer pay Liz a visit.  Nik wants the boys to get reacquainted. He tells Liz that Laura is getting married, and wants all of the family there.  AJ arrives, so Liz accepts Nik's invitation on the condition she can bring AJ with her.  AJ tells Liz he has something to tell her, but is interrupted by the boys.   

Roger Howarth’s character is on his way to Port Charles, and strikes up a conversation with someone about the relish fiasco.  Roger claims whoever was responsible likely wanted to screw with ELQ, so they could take over.  

Luke heads to the mansion to complain to Tracy about being kicked out The Floating Rib. Tracy notes Luke came back to Port Charles sober, but isn’t anymore. She's concerned about him, because she cares about him.  Luke and Tracy kiss. 

Felicia talks to Mac about their upcoming wedding, and all the plans she and Maxie are making.  Mac doesn’t want a wedding now, since they’re together anyway. Felicia gets upset, until she finds an engagement ring.  Mac gets on one knee and proposes.

Nik and Spencer arrive for the wedding.  Scott thanks him for corralling the family members together.  Liz, AJ and the boys arrive.  Laura’s worried Lulu won’t show up, but she and Dante walk through the door. 

Laura asks Lulu for a hug, and thanks Dante for bringing her.  Cameron runs over and hugs Lulu, who gets emotional about this being her family.  Dante promises to support her through this. 

Lesley introduces herself to Lulu, and tells her that she’ll get her memories back soon. Lesley is positive Lulu will remember how much she’s loved.  Lulu declares she wants to remember.  Lulu admits to an amused Dante she doesn’t like Scott.  Lesley questions Nik about Liz dating AJ.  He’s certain it won’t last.  

Scotty tells Laura they may not be able to get married today.