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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Scotty announces to everyone the mayor is not available to marry him and Laura.  Lesley informs them she’s been ordained online, and offers to marry them.  Lesley performs the ceremony and declares Scotty and Laura, husband and wife.

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Scotty announces to everyone the mayor is not available to marry him and Laura.  Lesley informs them she’s been ordained online, and offers to marry them.

Tracy’s annoyed by Luke’s kiss, which upsets Luke.  She wants to know what it was about, and Luke finally spits out that Laura is getting married. However, he swears it’s more about what Scotty said to him about ending up alone and miserable.  He wants Tracy to be the one to sit around and wait for him to come back to her.  Tracy slaps Luke for this suggestion. 

Carly is thrilled when the Corinthos men return, but she’s angry with Morgan for what could have happened.  Morgan claims he wanted to handle things on his own.  Michael mentions the girlfriend, Katherine Jerome.  Sonny explains to Carly about the powerful Jerome family who controlled Port Charles in the 80s.  

Morgan assures everyone he and Michael could have handled the goons.  Carly reminds him Michael has a criminal record, and can’t get into trouble.  Both Sonny and Carly want Morgan to stay with them, but Morgan decides he’s going to stay with Michael. The parents agree to the arrangement.  

Spinelli complains to Sam about Luke setting him up for failure in finding Lauren Frank. He knows he's probably already found her. In turn, Sam updates him on her search for Morgan, and finding Silas Clay.  She shows him a photo of Silas and explains her meeting with him.  Sam is still upset Silas showed no interest in Rafe.  

Ava comes home, and Kiki tells her all about the fiasco with Morgan.   Ava, who calls her daughter by her given name of Lauren, is upset at first, but then relieved to hear Morgan’s father took him home.  When Kiki mentions they live in Port Charles, Ava flashes to her conversation with Luke about Lauren Frank. 

Kiki wonders about her mother’s reaction, but Ava claims it’s because she’s been reading about the relish wars.  She tells her daughter she likes Morgan, and not to give up on him.  

Roger Howarth's character pays Heather a visit.  She’s happy to see him, but wonders why he’s there.  He wants to talk about Sam Morgan, and Heather admits she can’t stand Sam.  Roger’s character reminds her that she made Sam suffer.  Heather fires back he did as well.  He claims he wants to make amends, and needs Heather’s help.    

At first, Heather refuses since she hates Sam. However, Roger's character reminds Heather she doesn't hate him. Heather agrees they have a bond because of everything they’ve been through together.  

Lulu has a flash of being in a wedding dress.  Dante asks if she remembers something, but she denies it.  Lulu apologizes to Laura for not having her memories, but is happy for her mother. She’s glad she came, but wishes to leave.  Laura tells Lulu she loves her, and Lulu runs off.   Dante catches up with her, and offers to leave with her.  Lulu simply wants to go back to Milo’s by herself.  Lesley warns Dante if Lulu doesn’t want to remember her past, it’s likely because there is something buried there she doesn’t want to remember.

Morgan decides he’s not staying with Michael, and wants to head back to Kiki.  She arrives, as he’s getting ready to leave. 

Someone knocks on Sam's door, and she gets a surprise when she opens it.

Lulu heads to The Haunted Star, which is still a mess from the showdown between Helena and her parents.  As she’s standing there, Roger's character shows up.     

Tracy doesn’t want to be Luke’s home base. She refuses to exist only for his convenience, once he’s done doing what he wants.  Luke doesn’t understand why she’s so upset. Tracy wants to know what kind of a life would waiting for him be for her. Luke thinks it wouldn’t be much different than her life now, and would mutually benefit them both. Tracy wants a soul mate, and reminds him that she never had what he and Laura had. She dreams of true love, and won’t give up on that.  Tracy refuses to accept Luke’s scraps anymore.  Luke feels it’s too late in the game for that, but Tracy knows it’s never too late. She orders him to leave.