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Hope Already Has Steffy and Liam Signed Up For Divorce Court on The Bold and the Beautiful


Was everyone else as depressed as I was while watching The Bold and The Beautiful this week?  My heart broke when Liam (Scott Clifton) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) lost the baby, but as I watched, this episode made me feel just like Steffy.  Liam arrived to pick up his distraught wife and checked her out of the hospital.  Taylor (Hunter Tylo) and Thomas (Adam Gregory) looked on in concern. 

Steffy apologized to Liam as my favorite soap trick, flashbacks, played on.  Even though we saw just how angry Liam really was with his wife the day prior – how great were those scenes – he explained Steffy’s reasoning for getting on the bike.  I want to know why these soap writers insist on killing babies!

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Hope (Kim Matula) talked with Katie (Heather Tom) about Steffy and Liam’s loss.  Apparently, she’s already taking bets on how long their marriage will last now that there isn’t a baby to keep them together.  Katie worried all the gifts Bill (Don Diamont) had sent over would upset Steffy, and wanted to have them picked up before she got home.  Hope told her to leave the gifts, because having them removed could signify the end of something, like their marriage.  Katie cautioned her niece to tread lightly with her heart, as Liam is loyal to a fault. 

I don’t care what anyone has told me, or what YouTube clips you have sent me; Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) is Looney Tunes.  How do you ask Eric (John McCook) to pretend to be the father of your baby, and then proceed to tell the man the convoluted plan of how to pull of your shenanigans? This is not a Brooke vs. Taylor thing; this is just stupid.  Someone explain to me why Eric is supposed to care more about Katie’s feelings than the woman he’s currently in a relationship with?

Liam took Steffy back to Malibu, and told her there were baby gifts inside from his dad.  She asked him to get rid of any trace of them.  Earlier, her motorcycle had been dropped off. Instead of having it taken away, Thomas told the tow truck driver to put it in the garage.  Steffy found her bike in the garage and broke down.