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Billy Clyde Tuggle’s Scheme Flops on All My Children!

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At the hospital, JR (Ryan Bittle) told Cara (Lindsay Hartley) he knew the secret about her child. Cara was desperate to keep the truth of her child being alive from David (Vincent Irizarry). 

Bianca (Eden Riegel) told Miranda (Denyse Tontz) she could never forgive JR for killing Marissa. Miranda scolded her mother, saying it was time she got over it. Suddenly, JR, Brooke (Julia Barr) and Dixie (Cady McClain) arrived at the Chandler mansion.

Bianca ripped into JR, as his mother and occasional stepmother begged her to stop. I loved Binks' righteous indignation!

JR told Bianca he didn’t remember what happened, but she had every right to hate him. Bianca told Miranda it was time for them to leave. Her daughter refused, glancing in AJ's (Eric Nelsen) direction.  After Bianca left, Dixie asked JR if he remembered anything. He said no.

Cara dropped by the Chandler mansion to see if JR needed help with his therapy. He accused her of really being there to make sure he kept her secret.

Pete (Robert Scott Wilson) took Celia (Jordan Lane Price) to New York City. When she saw only one bed in their hotel room, Celia looked nervous.

He quickly offered to take the floor. Later, a rack of dresses and boxes of shoes arrived at their room. Pete had them ordered so Celia would  have something to wear when they went out to clubs. When they returned from partying, Celia offered to let Petey sleep on top of the covers.

David (Vincent Irizarry) provided a shoulder for Angie (Debbi Morgan) to lean on. He took her home and put a blanket over her. She fell asleep on the couch, exhausted.

Billy Clyde Tuggle (Matthew Cowles) schemed to put his competition out of business. Zach (Thorsten Kaye) and Jesse (Darnell Williams) arrived with cops and discovered Tuggle and a bunch of pious women protesting the “den of iniquity.”

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Miranda sang a song for AJ (Eric Nelsen), while playing the guitar. Afterwards, the two kissed. Miranda then rushed off.

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Celia woke up from a bad dream. Pete tried to reassure her. 

Evelyn Johnson (Francesca James) pounded down Opal’s (Jill Larson) door looking for Celia. She quickly accused Petey of bad intentions. Opal shot back that Celia was a little seductress. Thank goodness Opal is on All My Children. Evelyn and Opal then went to Celia’s room and searched for clues about where the couple had run off to.

Miranda met AJ at the Chandler mansion so they could go to school together. Before they left, Miranda wanted to make sure they were clear on where things stood.

Jesse was about to tell Angie about Billy Clyde Tuggle, when a knock on their door interrupted him. Angie opened the door to discover the man himself. She flew into a rage,  accusing the pimp of taking her daughter. 

These episodes of the new All My Children have been my first taste of Billy Clyde Tuggle. I have to admit he is HILARIOUS, but I can’t tell if that's intentional or not.

While Cara was helping JR with his therapy, he revealed he wanted to walk into a Chandler shareholder meeting without a cane. Later, Brooke told JR it wouldn't be a good idea for him to attend the meeting.

Cassandra (Saleisha Stowers) told the other girls her father was the Pine Valley police chief and would be looking for her. (Editor's Note: That gal is a LIAR! Her adopted daddy is the identical cousin of the Pine Valley police chief!) When offered more pills, Cassandra refused.

At school, AJ got some steroids to help him improve his baseball performance.