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Catch Up on The First Three Weeks of One Life to Live and All My Children!

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Calling all One Life to Live and All My Children fans. If you’ve missed a single moment of AMC or OLTL since they premiered, TOLN has the solution for you. They're offering up the first three weeks of both shows for free on and through Hulu Plus.

Los Angeles, May 22, 2013-- The Online Network (TOLN) has plans to catch all fans up on their favorite shows, “All My Children” and “One Life To Live.” While brand new episodes of “All My Children" will post on Mondays and Wednesdays and new episodes of "One Life To Live," will post on Tuesdays and Thursdays, beginning this week, the company said today that plans were in place to provide viewers with several opportunities to catch up on recent episodes of the series which made their historic online debut on April 29th. Newly-produced recaps bringing fans up to date on key storyline developments that took place during the first three weeks of episodes are now available on the free service and to subscribers of Hulu Plus:

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