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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam is not pleased to find Silas at her door, so she slams it shut in his face. When she reopens it, Silas claims he’s there for his nephew.  Sam wonders what he wants with Rafe, since he didn’t care before when she told him about his nephew.  Silas was shocked by the news at first, but now has come to meet Rafe.  Sam feels Rafe has been through enough, but Silas informs her he isn’t leaving town.  

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Lulu wonders who Roger Howarth's character is, and he tells her that they’ve met before. She doesn’t really care what his name is, since she has no memory of anyone anyway. Roger's character tells her that he’s back in town after an involuntary absence, and wants to rent her boat for a party tomorrow night.  Lulu’s not sure she could pull it off in such a short time. However, Roger's character tells her he’ll take care of everything, but just needs the venue. Lulu agrees to let him use The Haunted Star.  

Alexis is surprised when Rafe tells her that he’s going to the prom with Molly.  Molly informs her mother that she and TJ have broken up thanks to TJ’s jealousy.  When Shawn arrives, Molly and Rafe duck out and leave Alexis to handle him.  Alexis tells Shawn about Molly, Rafe and TJ.  Shawn angrily says Molly belongs with TJ, which angers Alexis.  She accuses TJ of being jealous.  Both calm down and decide they need to focus on each other, and let the teens settle things amongst themselves.

Sonny checks in on the Falconeri women, who assure him all is well now.  Olivia asks about Morgan, and Sonny thanks them for helping him.  The two banter, until Connie gets upset with them.  She reminds Sonny they shouldn’t be around each other, so Sonny leaves.  Olivia wonders if Connie is upset with Sonny, or with her and Sonny. Connie assures Olivia both she and Sonny are free to do what they want. She asks if something is going on between them.  Olivia swears she and Sonny are friends only, but Connie is family and will always come first.  

Dante runs into Milo, and demands to know Lulu's whereabouts. He stopped by Milo’s apartment, but didn’t find her there.  Milo has no idea.  Dante wants Milo to butt out once and for all, but Milo feels he’s just being a friend. He thinks Dante should back off. Dante hauls off and punches Milo in the face.  Sonny arrives in time to stop Milo from hitting him back. 

Kiki and Morgan are thrilled to be back together, much to Michael’s annoyance.  Michael wants her to go back to New York.  Morgan warns he’ll follow her, and wants Kiki to stay with them.  Michael points out there is only one bedroom, and the couple decides to take it from him.  

TJ tells Felix what happened with Molly.  Felix thinks Molly is a reasonable person, and knows there is still hope for them. He advises TJ not to give up. 

Sonny tells Dante he’s worried about him.  Dante complains Lulu seems further away than before.  Sonny wonders if Lulu’s blocking the memory of something bad happening to her.  Dante realizes she’s gone to the boat, and heads there.

Rafe and Molly arrive at Sam's, as Silas is leaving.  Rafe is shocked, but Sam explains Silas is his uncle.  Silas offers his hand to Rafe, who refuses it. He shouts Steven was never his father, and Silas isn’t his uncle. The young teen storms off.  Silas apologizes to Sam, who tells him to go back to New York.  Silas warns her that he doesn’t give up that easily. 

Lulu starts cleaning up and finds a bottle of champagne, which triggers a memory.  Dante arrives and asks what happened.  Lulu runs off.

Roger's character lets himself into the Crimson offices and retrieves a CD.