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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Michael is not pleased to have spent the night on the couch, listening to Morgan and Kiki in the bedroom.  Morgan doesn’t want to go back to his parents and listen to them fight. Michael offers to let Morgan stay, but Kiki has to go.  

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Tracy still wants AJ to take responsibility for the relish mess.  AJ admits he hasn’t told Liz about Carly, and Tracy reminds him she’ll spill the beans.  AJ accuses Tracy of spiking his relish, but Tracy informs him she was stuck in the hotel.  AJ wonders what happened with the relish, and swears he won’t let Tracy blackmail him.  

Liz runs into Carly and tells her AJ told her everything.  Carly gets defensive, because she thinks Liz was talking about the tryst. However, she soon realizes Liz meant something else and backs off.  Carly apologizes for overreacting, and stresses she’ll always be grateful to Liz.  Liz mentions AJ, and Carly feels Liz deserves better. 

Lulu has a hard time signing for a delivery, since she has no idea how to spell her last name.  She decides it’s time for introductions with Roger's character, so she can draw up the contract for the party.  Roger's character is adamant he doesn’t want her to know his name, because everything is a surprise.  He doesn’t trust anyone. 

Dante talks to Kevin about Lulu’s problem.  Kevin agrees the amnesia is a result of emotional trauma. He believes Lulu likely can remember, but doesn’t want to. 

Sam tells Alexis about Silas, and knows he’ll want to see Rafe again.  Rafe overhears and declares he wants nothing to do with his uncle.   

Lucy’s new scheme is a Steven Clay tour, where drags people around the docks showing them where he killed Alyson.  Silas watches from afar, and is interested in the bloodstain.  Lucy’s gang runs into Kevin at Kelly’s, and he’s not thrilled about her new venture.  Lucy spots Silas and freaks out.  Silas introduces himself, but Lucy wants corroboration.  Sam arrives with Danny, and vouches for Silas.  

Dante visits Lulu.  She tells him about the mystery person, who rented out The Haunted Star.  He asks her about being upset at the wedding.  Lulu tells him she can’t summon her memories at will.  Dante assures her that he’ll be there for her, because he loves her. However, he wonders if she doesn’t want to remember.  Lulu concludes he’s spoken to a shrink, and Dante admits he did. He knows Kevin can help her. Kevin thinks Lulu is shutting out all memories to save herself from one bad one.  Dante asks her to see Kevin, and promises to be by her side.  

Carly shows up at Michael’s, and he tells her Morgan and Kiki had sex in his bed. Carly’s upset about Kiki’s presence, and the fact Michael let her stay.  He points out Morgan would have followed her if she left.  Carly demands to know if Morgan is using protection, and wants him to show her that he’s making reasonable choices.  Morgan sternly tells his mother he’s an adult. Carly tells him to learn from her mistakes, and asks if Kiki can be trusted.  Morgan assures his mother Kiki is fine.  Carly tells Michael to keep an eye on Kiki.  

Liz tells AJ about her run in with Carly, and mentions she was acting strange.  AJ has something to tell Liz. 

Ava lets herself onto the Quartermaine property, and introduces herself to Tracy.  Tracy wonders if she’s part of the Jerome crime family.  Ava informs Tracy she is an art dealer, and wants to know about Lauren's shares. She wonders how much the ELQ shares are worth.  Ava mentions if Tracy isn’t interested, she’ll approach AJ.  Tracy points out she has no money until she regains control of ELQ.  Ava is sure Tracy she can probably find a million dollars lying under the cushions.  

Silas thanks Sam for coming to his defense, and asks about Rafe.  He gives her some paperwork, and says he’s ready to take Rafe off her hands.  

Roger’s character is making a list of guests for his party, which includes Sam, Carly, Michael, AJ, Maxie and Spinelli.  He decides it’s time to pay Sam a visit.