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Get Paid For Your Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction!

If you can't beat them, license them. That seems to be the approach Alloy Entertainment is taking, by teaming with Amazon on a new business venture that will allow fan fic writers to earn money from stories based on such Alloy brands as Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl.


Today, Amazon announced the creation of Kindle Worlds, a "commercial publishing platform that will enable any writer to create fan fiction based on a range of original stories and characters and earn royalties for doing so."

Fan fic writers can now earn royalties on their continuations and/or alternate universe tales about their fave Alloy characters. The rights holders will also earn a cut.The standard author’s royalty rate (for works of at least 10,000 words) will be 35% of net revenue.


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Wishful storytellers everywhere can no doubt thank fan fic-to-book-deal pioneer E.L. James for this game-changing development. James' erotically-tinged Twilight fan fic, Fifty Shades of Grey began one of the most successful franchises in publishing history, not to mention leading off a lucrative new path for the publishing industry. Since Grey's debut, multiple fan fic authors have netted impressive book deals. 

While some authors aren't in favor of fan fic based on their works, Alloy's stable of writers-for-hire seem to be all on board with Kindle Worlds.

“Seeing Pretty Little Liars fans adapt and create their own stories is both exciting and flattering and I think what Amazon Publishing is offering through Kindle Worlds is a great way to reward their ingenuity,” said Sara Shepard, author of Pretty Little Liars.

Fans interested in being published by Amazon's Kindle Worlds imprint can get started by clicking here!

Photo credit: Alloy Entertainment