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Jensen to Nick on Days of Our Lives: "You Were My Bitch, Right?"

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Will (Chandler Massey) attempted to free Nick (Blake Berris), while Sonny (Freddie Smith) helped Gabi (Camila Banus) escape. Will was interrupted by Nick’s kidnapper, Jensen (Derek Magyar) and quickly hid.

 Jensen wanted to know where Gabi went and noticed Nick’s bindings had been loosened. The criminal did a bunch of yapping about their time together in prison, how close they were and even said "you were my bitch, right?" Nick pushed back on the question by replying, "No!"

Gabi’s water broke. Sonny insisted he get her someplace safe to have the baby.They found a shed, where Sonny helped deliver his boyfriend's child. 

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Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) offered to return the MP3 player that Daniel (Shawn Christian) let JJ (Casey Moss) borrow. JJ told her he’d already done so.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) and EJ (James Scott) spent a bunch of time talking in bed. 

When Sami finally got out of bed, she went to The Brady Pub, where she ran into Kate (Lauren Koslow). The two quickly started arguing about Rafe, which resulted in Kate hauling off and slapping Sami. I'm all for Sami vs. Kate, but over Rafe? I have been underwhelmed.

The episode ended with Will on the floor, Nick begging for mercy and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) bursting in and shooting at Jensen.

NOTE: A big chunk of Tuesday’s Days of Our Lives episode was pre-empted by Oklahoma tornado coverage. Our thought and prayers are with the families affected by the tragedy.