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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Tracy tells Nikolas she wants to get rid of AJ, but Nik wants AJ to sabotage himself. Tracy updates Nik on finding Lauren Frank, and her mother wanting money in exchange for Lauren's shares. Tracy needs money, and asks Nik for a loan.  Nik doesn’t want to undermine AJ, and lose a chance with Liz.  He wants to wait for AJ to make a mistake.  Tracy drops the news that AJ slept with someone else.   

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AJ is about to tell Liz what happened with Carly, when Duke arrives and interrupts him. He informs them both relishes were deliberately tainted.  AJ wonders who would be out to get both he and Tracy.  

Ellie’s waiting to hear if she’s the new lab manager, only to have Brad tell her Britt gave him the position.  Ellie complains to Spin it’s karma for not telling the truth about Maxie's baby.  Spinelli doesn’t think anyone will be hurt by Maxie having another baby for Lante, but Ellie’s still upset.   

Britt tells Maxie she’ll need to find a new doctor, since she’s moving in with Patrick.  Maxie points out Emma hates Britt, but Britt informs Maxie she can’t be alone.  Maxie is worried about Ellie, and explains Ellie knows the truth.   

Patrick tells Sabrina he’s been losing sleep about Britt moving in, and has decided not to go ahead with that plan.  Patrick points out home care is expensive, and Sabrina gets an idea to solve his problem.

Rafe worries Silas won’t back off, even though Alexis reassures him that she will help.  The two leave the apartment, and Roger's character breaks in.  He looks at a picture of Jason, and takes a photo of it.  

Silas has obtained a petition to replace Sam as Rafe’s guardian.  Sam accuses him of being arrogant, and mentions Rafe is scared.  Silas feels Rafe will always be tainted as Steven’s son, and wants to help him through it. 

Alexis and Rafe arrive, and Rafe is upset to hear Silas wants to take him.  Silas tells him family is important, and his brother was brilliant before he went crazy.  Rafe storms off, and Alexis warns Silas to leave and not come back.  Rafe declares to Sam she and Danny are his family now, and he doesn't want to leave them. Sam reassures Rafe that they’ll do everything they can to fight this.  

AJ tells Duke he’s happy both relishes were tainted, because it means Tracy has no hold over him.  AJ knows he needs to tell Tracy about the relish.  

Nikolas is shocked to hear AJ cheated already, and even more so when he hears it was with Carly.  Tracy has proof and will give it to Nik, in exchange for the loan.  Nik thinks winning Liz this way is wrong, but Tracy tells him to use all he’s got to get her. Tracy warns he’ll end up alone if he doesn't.  

Patrick tells Britt there’s been a change in plans, and she will be staying with Sabrina instead of him.  Patrick feels Emma would add stress, and Sabrina is a capable nurse. Britt is less than thrilled, but has no other choice. 

Maxie tells Spin she needs a new doctor.  He tells her he knows the truth about the miscarriage and new embryo.  Maxie’s upset Ellie told him, but he claims Ellie doesn’t keep secrets.  

AJ tells Tracy both relishes were deliberately tainted.  Tracy wonders who would sabotage them both.  AJ points out she has no reason to tell Liz about Carly.  

Nik finds Liz, and says he has something to tell her. 

Sam and Danny arrive home, and Roger's character is still inside.