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How Long Can Chelsea Keep the Truth From Adam on The Young and the Restless?

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Billy (Billy Miller) wanted to have a bit of fun with Victoria (Amelia Heinle), but she was more worried about Adam (Michael Muhney) and his implied leverage.

Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) put Kevin (Greg Rikaart) through the ringer about stealing. I don’t know about the rest of you, but in my opinion, it is time for those two to be split up. They were cute once, but saving the house and Crimson Lights has pretty much destroyed them.

Meanwhile, Jason Morgan…err…Dylan (Steve Burton) spent more precious time–that could be used more wisely on legacy characters–with Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan).

Jill (Jess Walton) gave Cane (Daniel Goddard) a hard time about his marriage to Lily (Christel Khalil). He asked if her questions about Lily and Tyler (Redaric Williams) were a way for her to distract him from Chancellor. Jill told Cane he made her love him like a son, so she was going to talk to him like her child. When exactly is the last time Jill had a nuts and bolts conversation with Billy? If she actually treated Cane like she treats her real son Billy, she’d never interact with Cane.

Speaking of Tyler, he and Leslie (Angell Conwell) spent a bunch more time talking about Lily. Who knew Lily was such a scintillating topic for conversation?

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Lily told Neil (Kristoff St. John) Tyler quit the campaign.

Victor (Eric Braeden) dropped by Billy and Victoria’s house.  Victoria confronted her father about his favoritism towards Adam, while never giving Billy credit.

Billy talked to Adam about his threats, but Adam called his brother-in-law out for being a gambling addict. He even pointed out Billy's recent wins. He wondered if Victoria would give Billy a free pass on giving in to his addiction again. Billy asked Adam what he needed to do to keep Adam’s mouth shut.

Chloe called someone to have Crimson Lights appraised.

Adam visited Chelsea, who told him she saw him more now than when they were married. He implied the baby was his, and then outright asked her if it was his child. Dammit, why can’t I ever decide whom I want Adam with? One moment I want him with Sharon, and the next I want him with Chelsea. Not a bad problem to have if you’re a soap character, is it?

Neil went to the police, because his private journal thoughts were published by a blog. This time the blog post was an entry in which Neil questioned Lily’s fidelity to Cane.  Lily sure seems to be a pretty buzzworthy topic these days. Kevin traced the IP address to a corporation Neil owned. Neil was dumbstruck, and insisted that couldn’t be possible.

Dylan went to Adam and told Chelsea’s ex to back off. Dylan sure is a powerful man, capable of squishing Adam under his boot, isn’t he? So, Dylan is going to be successful where everyone else in Genoa City has failed? Adam survived Victor; he'd undoubtedly eat Dylan for lunch (no puns intended).