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Is Matthew Getting Catfished on One Life to Live?

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Viki (Erika Slezak) told Clint (Jerry verDorn) she wanted to marry him, but in a beautiful way and not rushed. The two began going over a list of people who she may have to fire from The Banner. Every name on the list was someone Viki had a personal relationship with.

Dorian (Robin Strasser) wanted to celebrate secretly handing over the Pellegrino Fund documents to the senate committee by taking her family out to dinner. However, Jack (Andrew Trischitta) refused to go.

At the Llanview PD, Bo (Robert S. Woods) told Todd (Roger Howarth) evidence was coming together, but they didn’t have enough. Tea (Florencia Lozano) barged in and told Bo to get rid of Todd, because she had something he needed to see. Todd left, but lurked outside the office and listened to Tea give Bo more evidence against Victor (Trevor St. John).

At Shelter, David (Tuc Watkins) was on the hunt for a sidekick and spotted Rama (Shenaz Treasury). It turned out she is a big fan of his work. He quickly offered her an unpaid job on his show.

Natalie (Melissa Archer) and Destiny (Laura Harrier) showed up together. I’m not exactly sure why these two keep hanging out together. Other than being single mothers, what could they possibly have in common? Maybe it's just that anything Shelter-related is falling flat for me.

Hurricane Dani (Kelley Missal) tried stirring up a meal for Matthew (Robert Gorrie) and Jeffrey (Corbin Bleu), but it didn’t go as expected. While Dani was attempting to save her food, Matthew was trying to reach his online companion.

Both Jeffrey and Dani tried to tell him something was amiss, but Matthew wouldn’t listen to them. Two words, Matthew:  Manti Te’o.

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Thursday’s One Life to Live opened with Matthew shirtless lifting weights and Dani fantasizing about him. Jeffrey left the apartment to work on his writing. Dani snooped on Matthew’s computer while he was out of the room. She read the messages he was sending his mysterious online lover.

Viki asked Destiny about Matthew’s involvement in her child’s life. Bo and Nora were taking care of Drew, while Dani finished a shift at The Banner. Nora told Bo they needed to help get Matthew out of the corner he’d backed himself into. The Buchanans must be so ashamed to have such a deadbeat in their clan.

 Todd tried to connect with Jack, but it didn’t go very well. Jack got all angry and broke some glass. It’s unfortunate the break between ABC’s OLTL and TOLN’s OLTL hasn’t improved Trischitta’s acting.

OLTL did so well in recasting Matthew. I don’t understand why they didn’t find a better Jack.

Destiny arrived to pick up her son. Bo and Nora were concerned about her lack of sleep and offered to help her financially. She declined their offer, but Bo insisted she eat breakfast with them.

Clint told Jeffrey about his suggestions to help save The Banner, based on reporting that was happening in Hong Kong. Jeffrey was enthusiastic about the ideas. I’m not sure anything in China should be the benchmark for how to report news, whether its crowd source reporting or not.

Jeffrey went to The Banner and gushed about the ideas Clint had for saving the newspaper. Viki was not happy to learn Clint was taking meetings with someone who technically wasn’t even an employee. She asked Jeffrey to leave and then ripped into Clint.

Later, during a phone conversation, Natalie told Viki she is ready to move on from John.