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SPOILERS: Will Lauren's Dalliance With Carmine Become a Fatal Attraction on The Young and the Restless?

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Michael/Lauren/Carmine: The legal maverick confesses to his mama that his marriage to the Fenmore heiress is kaput, but is it really over? As the Fenmore-Baldwins attempt to work out their differences, Carmine reveals he isn’t able to stay away. (GET IT, LAUREN!)


Cane/Lily: The Ashbys learn a stunning secret.

Sharon: She takes Adam to task for his wishy-washy ways.

Neil/Leslie: Just call them the black version of Nancy Drew and one of the Hardy Boys! Can the couple solve the mystery of who is targeting their loved ones?

Victor/Adam: Victor is hellbent on learning what his son is hiding. How will the new woman in Adam's life impact his volatile relationship with daddy dearest?

Billy/Victoria: The Abbotts hit another rough patch when Billy’s gambling addiction is revealed to Victoria.

Nick/Phyllis/Jack/Kyle/Summer: The truth about Summer's paternity will threaten every relationship Nick holds dear.

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