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Brooke is Doing a Little Family Planning on The Bold and the Beautiful


Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) is starting to depress me. Then again, I’m finding myself rather depressed throughout most of The Bold and the Beautiful lately.  Great scenes for Wood once again, but I’m going to need a little more from B&B and I don’t mean a refill for Prozac 

This stupid idea of Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang), to reunite her family with Eric (John McCook), is so stupid. I just used the word stupid two times in one sentence.  So nice of Bridget (Ashley Jones) to happen to be back in town for that convenient little family get together.  How over-the-top sugary, sweet was that?  “Gee Dad, you and Mom sure looked swell.”  

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Rick (Jacob Young) playing into his mother's hand and suggesting that his single parents get back together was too much. Too bad they didn’t pull Hope (Kim Matula) away from her stupid idea. Look, I just said stupid again.

What is wrong with Hope?  Better yet, why is Liam (Scott Clifton) such an idiot?  Your wife just lost your child.  We get it. You’re upset, but don’t go running off to another woman. I want to see more scenes of Liam struggling to keep his anger in check, letting it slip here and there.  I don’t want to be mad at him for running to Hope and letting her kiss him.  I want to feel for him and, right now I’m back to feeling he’s just an idiot — again. 

Taylor (Hunter Tylo) crossed the line going to Hope and telling her to keep her distance where Liam was concerned.  Both these mothers would do themselves some good by minding their own business.  Brooke wouldn’t be knocked up by her brother-in-law and Taylor’s man wouldn’t be thisclose to considering a stupid plot point. 

As depressing as the loss of the baby has been, Wood and Scott really do something special, even with the simplest of scenes.  You feel the loss coming off them in waves.