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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Roger’s character hears Sam walking through the door, and hides in the kitchen.  Once she goes upstairs, he tries to leave, but Spinelli knocks on the door. Roger's character ducks in a closet, while Spin and Sam chat.

AJ tells Tracy there is no reason for her to tell Liz about Carly.  Tracy admits she wouldn’t tell, but someone else might.  When AJ presses, she suggests Carly might feel the need to unburden herself. AJ doesn’t believe Carly would feel that way.  Ava arrives for a meeting with Tracy, and slides up to AJ. So, Tracy quickly informs Ava she has the money, and advises her to leave AJ out of it.  

Nikolas has something to tell Liz about AJ, but she doesn’t want to hear it.  She tells him things came easy for him, but she admires AJ’s drive to start over.  Nik feels she deserves the truth. 

Dante’s thrilled Lulu has agreed to talk with Kevin.  Kevin reassures Lulu it’s safe to talk to him, and asks her about the memory flashes she’s been having.  Lulu tells him she remembers being dragged onto The Haunted Star. 

Carly visits Sonny and the two speak about Morgan. She explains about Kiki being in town, and expresses her dislike for the girl.  Sonny doesn’t seem worried about any of her concerns. 

Kiki catches Michael looking through her purse.  Michael tells her he’s trying to watch Morgan’s back, and feels that Kiki is hiding something. He doesn’t trust her. Morgan accuses Michael of being jealous, and Michael storms off.  

Kiki thinks Morgan’s family hates her, and feels she should leave.  Morgan assures her everyone will get over it, and Michael simply feels the need to take care of him.  He promises everyone will like her, and the two have sex on the couch.  

Ava wants her money, but Tracy demands Lauren’s signature first.  She promises Ava will get her money, as soon as she gets the signed shares.  Ava heads over to Michael’s apartment, and finds a shocked Kiki in the afterglow.  

Dante runs into Olivia while waiting for Lulu.  He hopes Kevin will be able to help her, and feels Lulu is blocking something really bad.  

Kevin asks about Lulu’s memories.  She confesses during Laura’s wedding, she heard a voice and saw herself marrying someone on the boat.  Lulu thinks it was Stavros.  Kevin assures her it wasn’t legal, but then asks if something else happened.  Lulu claims she can’t remember anything else and leaves.  Lulu tells Dante nothing happened, and runs off to get ready for the party.  

Spin wants Sam’s help in his attempt to locate Lauren Frank, but she’s not interested. Sam spots the DVD player open, so Roger frantically sends his message.  Spinelli, Sam, Liz, Michael, AJ, Carly and Sonny all receive a text with a photo of Jason and the message reading, “Haunted Star, 8pm.  I’ll be there, will you?”

Michael and AJ wonder who sent them the text, and decide they’ll be at the party.

Carly breaks down and cries after receiving the message. She misses Jason, and thinks of him all the time.  Sonny worries it may be a trap, but Carly is determined to go to the party.

Liz is shocked by the message, and explains to Nik how Jason died.  He points out a body was not found. Liz will be at the party.

Sam is floored by the text, and wonders if it’s from Jason.  Spin reminds her Jason is dead, and Sam acknowledges she knows it.  Sam declares she’ll be there, and Spinelli follows suit.

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