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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly doesn’t want Michael anywhere near The Haunted Star, since she has a bad feeling about what’s going to happen.  Michael feels he owes it to Jason, and mentions AJ also got an invitation.  He calls AJ, who says he’s on his way, but has to deal with something first.  

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Roger’s character lets himself into the Quartermaine crypt to look at Jason’s marker, and hides when AJ comes in to talk to Jason.  Monica arrives because she was alerted someone was on the property. AJ tells her to him, Jason will always be a Quartermaine. He only became a Morgan because of the accident.  

AJ is sorry he missed his chance with Jason.  Monica says AJ made mistakes, but so did Jason.  AJ shows her the text, and Monica wonders why she didn’t get an invitation. Monica wants to go, but AJ convinces her to stay away for Jason’s sake.  

Sonny stops by Dante’s to check up on Lulu.  Dante gives him the latest news, and Sonny shows him the text about Jason.  Dante decides to go The Haunted Star as well.

Luke wants to apologize to Tracy, since she’s the last person he would want to hurt.  He admits he let Scotty get into his head, and lashing out at Tracy was about his own personal demons and not Laura.  Tracy is his best friend, and at the top of his very short list of important people.  He asks her forgiveness. 

Tracy points out he hasn’t said he was sorry, so Luke does.  Tracy forgives him, but stresses she wants romance. Luke believes she deserves more than he can offer.  Tracy accepts they will only be friends and family.  Luke wants to toast, and Tracy brings up his drinking and her concern.  Luke claims he can handle his liquor.  Tracy reminds Luke he ran down Jake and kept going.  Luke feels it was an accident, and asks her to respect his life choices.  Tracy believes he’s in denial of the drinking, but promises to back off.  

Ava tells Kiki she’s in town for business, and Kiki is concerned. When Morgan comes out, Ava deflects and says she’s just checking up on them.  Ava warns Morgan he needs to be careful when it comes to gambling.  Kiki asks if her mother can take them to dinner, but Ava is busy. She asks Kiki to walk her to her car.  Morgan gets a text from Travis about another game to get in on. Morgan decides to play.  

Maxie arrives at The Haunted Star, and asks Lulu about the text.  Lulu knows nothing about it.  Sam, Spinelli, Carly, Michael and Liz all show up with questions about why they've been summoned The Haunted Star.  Lulu tells everyone she was paid to throw the party.  Carly gets in Lulu’s face and demands answers. She shouts whoever hired her is playing mind games.  

Lulu explains the man never gave his name and paid in cash.  Carly asks for details, but all Lulu remembers is his height and that he was blond.  Carly starts in on her again, when Dante arrives and pulls Lulu out of all the yelling.  

Sonny reminds Carly that Lulu has been through a lot.  Carly points out Sam thought the text was from Jason.  Spinelli wants Maxie to leave in order to keep the baby out of harm's way. However, Maxie feels she needs to stay.  Sam feels used, especially since it took her so long to accept Jason’s death. Sonny swears whoever sent the message will answer to him.  AJ arrives, and sees everyone who was important to Jason.  Suddenly, the lights go out. 

Dante asks Lulu to come home with him, and she agrees.  Once there, she spots their wedding photo, which brings back a memory.  She tells Dante she remembers her wedding to Stavros on The Haunted Star.  

Ava tells Kiki the reason she’s in town is to tell the girl about her true identity.  

Tracy is telling Luke about Ava, when she turns to find Luke on the floor.  

The television screens at The Haunted Star show photos of Jason, and everyone reacts.  When the lights come back on, everyone is shocked to see Roger's character.