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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam is shocked to see Franco.  Carly points out Jason killed him, but Franco reveals Jason was unsuccessful. Sonny pulls a gun on Franco, and threatens to kill him. However, Franco quickly brings up the possibility of Jason being alive, which makes Sam beg Sonny not to shoot Franco. Franco catches up with everyone in the room, and then claims he’s there to apologize for his past actions.  

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Franco mentions Carly outing his daughter, Lauren, as a Quartermaine heir. Franco soon moves on, and speaks about that special night in Hawaii. He informs Sam she has the wrong idea about what happened.  He has a tape of the events from the night, and it shows he never actually raped Sam. He just let Jason believe he did.   

Lulu tells Dante she remembers marrying Stavros, because he threatened to kill her family.  Dante feels this makes her a hero, and they owe her their lives. He assures her the marriage wasn’t legal.  Lulu disagrees, because Stavros forced her to kiss him and consummate the marriage.  

Tracy calls 911 for Luke, and the paramedics take him to the hospital.  The doctor runs tests.  Tracy wants to call Lulu, but Luke stops her.  He asks about her visit with Ava. 

Ava tells Kiki the truth about her father being Franco.  Ava claims she was trying to protect Kiki from her crazy father, but it turns out Franco was Quartermaine. Ava informs Kiki that she's entitled to a big inheritance.  Ava wants Kiki to sign the papers, and Kiki wonders exactly what the papers state. When pushed, Ava confesses she will receive a large sum of money for having Kiki sign over her ELQ shares.  Kiki accuses her mother of selling her out for the money.  

Carly says Franco may not have raped Sam, but he did harm her son.  AJ demands to know what happened to Michael.