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SPOILERS: Which Family is Kiki Moving in With on General Hospital?


Is Kiki taking up residence with the Family Q? She may be out of Michael’s hair — or at the very least his apartment. Anyone else ready to see Kiki vs. Tracy? These two are not going to play nice! Look for Michael to start to see his brother's gal in a new light.

Lulu remembers! The amnesiac Ice Princess remembers everything that happened with Stavros. Does this mean Lante is back on, or will Lulu  continue to depend on Milo?

Is Luke the one for Tracy? Tracy has made it clear she wants more than to be Luke's "port in the storm", but how will his latest medical crisis impact the Q diva's resolve?

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Buh-bye, Laura and Scotty! Look for the Baldwins to take an extended honeymoon. Don't fret! The reunited teen lovers will be back!

Patrick and Sabrina hit the sheets? It looks like it, but there will be plenty of angst prior to any penetration!  Some of which might be caused by the little sister of Sabrina's BFF! Are Britt and Taylor becoming besties as well?  It looks like Felix is in for it with this one! Patrick is determined to not let anything stop his and Sabrina's special night.

Duke and Ava: Look for the reformed mobster to have an interesting reaction to Ms. Jerome.

Will Sam also put a wrinkle in Patrick’s plans with Sabrina?  She’ll be heading to GH with a sick Danny. Isn’t Silas a doctor too?  Maybe he can help? Will he want to, once Sam’s done telling him exactly what she thinks of him?  Will Elizabeth be a comfort to her onetime nemesis?

RANDOM STUFF… Sonny and Carly have a plan, and when Carly has a plan, we know trouble isn’t far behind.  Kiki has a plan too and Felix is ready to sit co-pilot.  Is Ellie looking at private medical records...again?  Who’s kid is coming to Port Charles?