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Can Hope Just Shut Up on The Bold and the Beautiful?


Why is Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) so sure what she’s offering Eric (John McCook) is so much better than the life he has with Taylor (Hunter Tylo)?  I loved how Eric leveled her when he asked how many more lies they're supposed to tell after Brooke’s “story” unfolds. 

According to Brooke, her losses are far worse than any potential suffering anyone could feel. Please, get off your pedestal.  Then, there’s Taylor, playing into Brooke’s hand.  This whole story is ridiculous. It is a prime example of why you don’t stay friends with your ex. 

I’m glad somebody finally told Maya (Karla Mosley) she doesn’t stand a chance against Bill (Don Diamont). Poor girl doesn't realize Rick(Jacob Young) is too stupid lately to help her out.  I did feel bad for the bloke when she told him they couldn’t be together, and he couldn’t keep the reason why straight. 

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Please do something with Thomas (Adam Gregory) or cut this boy loose.

Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) return to work only made me think that if this had been Hope (Kim Matula), we’d be watching a press conference about her return and great loss. That girl loves a good press conference. 

Somebody shut Hope up!  Well, maybe don’t. Her mother needs to hear this, but Hope should really, shut up.  She’s dancing on a baby’s grave, and it bothers me. 

God, I love Bill Spencer!  He pegged Hope sniffing around his son, and told Liam (Scott Clifton) how it really is. His marriage to Steffy was more than just the baby. 

I loved Steffy telling Hope to respect her marriage. Too bad, it was totally too late.  Hope is so sure of herself; I wanted to smack her through my television screen for Steffy.  Liam sensed the tension when he interrupted his wife and the girl who just won’t go away.  She's similar to a bad case of athlete’s foot. 

I wanted Liam to break down with Steffy.  I am waiting for those scenes.