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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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AJ demands to know what Franco did to Michael, but Carly refuses to tell him.  Michael steps up and tells his father about killing Claudia, and going to prison.  Michael explains Carter raped him, but he’s okay now.   AJ accuses Sonny and Carly of not protecting Michael.  Sam mentions Franco paid Carter to do it. AJ attacks Franco. 

Dante wonders if Lulu slept with Stavros, but Lulu informs him she ultimately stood up to Stavros. She insisted she was Dante’s wife, but felt guilty for putting their lives in danger, especially since Stavros immediately put a hit on Nikolas.  Dante assures Lulu she did the right thing, and everyone turned out okay. Lulu feels she saved herself at the expense of everyone else, and doesn’t deserve to remember her family.   Dante tells her to let it go, and come back to him.  Lulu suddenly flashes back on her life, and her memory returns.  The two end up in bed, thankful to be back together. 

Alexis stops by to see Nikolas, who is concerned about Liz. He never stopped thinking of her while he was away.  Alexis points out Liz is dating AJ.  Nik knows AJ did something that can hurt Liz, and feels she should know.  Nik plays the tape of AJ admitting he slept with Carly, which shocks Alexis.  Alexis asks if Nik wants Liz to know, so she’ll break up with AJ.  She feels Liz will be angrier with Nik in the end. 

Tracy asks the doctor for a diagnosis, and he thinks Luke may be suffering from liver damage.  Tracy blames the alcohol, and Luke doesn’t want to hear it.  The doctor wants to admit Luke for more tests, but Luke is not interested.  Tracy plays the friend card, and says she doesn’t want to lose him. She asks him to stay and have the tests.  Luke agrees to stay for 24 hours. 

Liz and Spin pull AJ off of Franco.  Franco has a recording of his meeting with Carter and shows it.  The tape shows Franco telling Carter to attack Michael, but he soon changes his mind about the order. In the end, Franco tells Carter not to attack Michael.

Franco claims he thought he could control Carter, and apologizes for Carter's actions. Michael points out Franco still wanted to hurt Jason, and that’s not okay.  Sonny wants to know what Franco knows about Jason.  Sam demands to know if Jason is alive, and Franco admits he knows nothing.  

Sonny wants to shoot Franco, but Sam grabs the gun and insists it should be her.  Sam accuses Franco of causing her pain and suffering. She's upset Jason went to his death without knowing he was Danny’s father. Sam decides she wants Danny to have a mother, so she won’t kill Franco. However, she will send him to prison instead.  Sam smacks Franco across the face with the gun. 

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