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Zach and Lea Play "Lick Me, Click Me" on All My Children

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Bianca (Eden Riegel) told Miranda (Denyse Tontz) they were going to have dinner with Zach (Thorsten Kaye), just the three of them. Binks felt it was time she and Miranda's uncle talked to her about some things.

The mother and daughter were interrupted by a call regarding Miranda Center business. Bianca was going to have to leave town. When Bianca suggested Miranda would stay with Opal (Jill Larson), her daughter pointed out it made more sense to crash at AJ's (Eric Nelsen), before making a crack about Bianca's beef with JR (Ryan Bittle). Miranda told her mother it would suck to have to choose between her best friend and her mom.

Zach continued his sexual sparring match with Special Agent Marquez (Paula Garces).  He showed her a "Lick Me, Click Me" game. He’d figured out bringing the woman onscreen to an orgasm revealed a hidden login to a secret site.

Once inside the secret site, they found a video of Cassandra (Sal Stowers) turning a trick with a violent john. They also discovered a clue that might lead them to Cassandra’s whereabouts.

Cara (Lindsay Hartley) continued to help JR with his therapy. Why exactly is a physican doing a patient's PT?

After leaving the Chandler mansion, Cara went to Pine Valley Hospital where David (Vincent Irizarry) was trying to convince Joe Martin (Ray MacDonnell) to endorse his medical trial. Later, Cara broke down and told Joe about her child being alive. This "secret" of Cara's will be on the cover of Tempo any second.

An enraged Uri (Martin Harvey) demanded to know if Cassandra was really the daughter of the Pine Valley police chief. She admitted she was, but said she’d do anything to stay alive.

When she started unbuckling his pants, the man pushed her away and told her she was too valuable to die. He then revealed he planned to sell her off.

JR went to AJ’s room, where he discovered the steroids in an open bag on AJ’s bed. When he confronted his son, AJ claimed it wasn’t any of his business. AJ went crazy. I mean, ab-so-freaking-lutely nuts. The boy may not be on steroids, but he should really consider a sedative or three.

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After Joe shut down David’s medical trial plans, he went to the Cortlandt mansion to find Petey (Robert Scott Wilson). Instead, he ran smack dab into Opal (Jill Larson). Opal didn’t let David say much and quickly slammed the door in his face. David snuck into the mansion, where Opal threatened to call the cops. David left, but he had something else up his sleeve.

Miranda and AJ went to Jane’s Addiction, where Billy Clyde Tuggle (Matthew Cowles) was pulling a former client aside. Tuggle demanded to know why his customer had stopped visiting his girls. 

Hunter (Daniel Covin) started to harass Miranda. Of course AJ went off again.  Settle down, Adam III.

Zach tried to distract Jesse (Darnell Williams) from seeing the video of Cassandra. When Jesse found out a clue had been discovered, he insisted on trying to help. He was devastated by what he saw on the video.

JR tried to convince Cara that he’d changed. Brooke (Julia Barr) arrived to see JR holding a bottle of scotch, while trying to make a point to Cara. When JR left, Cara defended him to Brooke. Brooke warned the doctor not to fall for one of JR’s snow jobs.

Billy Clyde Tuggle met with a chauffeur who took him to the secret club. He had to be blindfolded to get in.

In New York City, All My Children’s most saccharin couple, Pete (Robert Scott Wilson) and Celia (Jordan Lane Price), were interrupted by David’s press conference announcing a merger with Cortlandt Electronics. Pete quickly went into damage control mode and called his lawyers. 

The episode ended with Zach, Jesse and Marquez finding Tuggle at the club.