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Will Devon Jump the Pond on The Young and the Restless?

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Lily (Christel Khalil) told Tyler (Redaric Williams) she left the fashion campaign, so he could return. He admitted to Lily that she was the one who inspired the team. Lily was sure Tyler and Devon (Bryton James) would make a good team.

Meanwhile, Devon informed Neil (Kristoff St. John) that Tucker (Stephen Nichols) had offered him a job in London, and he was considering it. Do you think Devon should go to London or stick around Genoa City?

Nick (Joshua Morrow), Adam (Michael Muhney), Billy (Billy Miller) and Jason Morgan...err…Dylan (Steve Burton) worked out together. Basically, it was just a chance for them to all compare dumbbell sizes.

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Avery (Jessica Collins) suggested to Leslie (Angell Conwell) they start their own law firm.

Sharon (Sharon Case) and Noah (Robert Adamson) had a nice mother/son scene. I really like their dynamic.

Dylan met up with Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) for the sonogram. Dylan counted all the baby’s fingers and toes. It was a cute scene. He was so happy about it; he carried around the photo and showed it to random people. Dylan flashed back to his past with Avery, and the moment he found out she lost the baby.

Adam bumped into Chelsea’s mother Anita (Catherine Bach). She told him about Chelsea getting the sonogram. She also said she was truly sorry about how things ended with Chelsea.