Ellen Pompeo Doesn't Relate to Meredith and Cristina's Bond on Grey's Anatomy


Meredith Grey has had two great loves on ABC's Grey's Anatomy, Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Cristina (Sandra Oh).  Her portayer Ellen Pompeo, however, just doesn't relate to the bond Meredith shares with her "person".  Pompeo told Parade,

I relate more to a husband-wife relationship. I can’t really relate to a married woman having such an obsession with a female friend. I love my girlfriends. I have some great girlfriends, and I love them to death, but no one competes with my husband. I don’t know what guy would actually put up with being second in his marriage. Obviously, I love Sandra Oh, and I think she’s a brilliant actress. I just don’t think that their relationship is very realistic given that the character of Meredith is married and the fact that Cristina is married as well.

Pompeo also revealed she isn't a fan of medical dramas.  Talk about a good actress, she sure fooled me on both fronts.