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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Anna has Franco in custody.  Milo arrives at the police station to report Lulu missing, since she didn’t come home last night.  Sonny overhears and tells Milo that Lulu left The Haunted Star with Dante the night before.  Sonny wants to see Franco, but Anna tells him Carly’s already visiting with him. 

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Carly accuses Franco of deliberately putting a rapist in Michael’s orbit.  Franco claims he was trying to protect Michael, since he’s his flesh and blood.  Carly reminds Franco he dug up Claudia’s body, and it ultimately sent Michael to prison.  Franco again stresses his intention was to hurt Jason only.  He wanted to bond with Jason, since they were both killers. However, when he was rejected, he decided to hurt Jason.  He claims he’s here to make amends.  Carly accuses him of playing more games, and declares he hasn’t changed.  

Tracy leaves a voice message for Ava, and then checks on Luke. He claims to be ready for his tests, until Tracy finds evidence he’s trying to leave the hospital.  Tracy wants him to admit he’s scared of what the tests will reveal.  Luke finally agrees to the tests, but asks Tracy not to tell anyone.  

Dante wakes up alone in bed and panics, until Lulu comes back with breakfast.  Lulu feels badly for taking advantage of Milo’s generosity.  Milo knocks on the door, and Lulu tells him she got her memory back. She's where she belongs now.  Milo wishes her happiness before leaving.  Dante wants Lulu to have one more appointment with Kevin to make sure all is fine. 

Kiki’s upset about her fight with Ava, and explains to Michael her mother lied to her.  Michael brings up Morgan, and his concerns for his brother’s life spiraling out of control. The two argue until Michael spills he was raped in prison.  He tells her the story, and Kiki is shocked. She quickly feels sympathetic to his past.  Michael tells her Morgan doesn’t know about the rape, and he doesn’t want him finding out.  

Monica wants to know what happened on The Haunted Star.  AJ tells her Franco is alive, and explains the details of the prior evening. He wants to know why she didn’t tell him Michael went to prison.  Monica reminds AJ he was a fugitive, and praises Jason for protecting Michael.  AJ says Michael was raped, and Monica refuses to believe it. 

AJ explains Franco used Michael to hurt Jason, but Michael has dealt with it.  After Monica leaves, AJ angrily breaks a vase as Ava arrives.  AJ wants to know what her business is with Tracy, and mentions Franco’s daughter.  Ava pretends not to know Franco, but AJ pushes the topic. She soon admits she has heard of him, but knows he’s dead.  Ava is shocked when AJ tells her Franco is very much alive.

AJ points out Ava seems upset by the news, and mentions they never knew Lauren’s mother's identity. AJ flat out says he thinks Ava is Lauren's mother.  Ava accuses AJ of fishing for answers she has no plans on giving.  AJ tells Ava he’ll top whatever Tracy offered, and advises her not to let Lauren sign Tracy’s document.  Ava wants to know Franco's whereabouts. AJ informs her that he’s in jail.    

Lulu and Dante run into Tracy and Luke at the hospital.  She admits she remembers everything and hugs Tracy.  Lulu asks why they’re at the hospital, and Luke pretends Tracy is the one having tests.  

Ava pays Franco a visit in jail. 

Sonny wonders what they should do about Franco.  Carly feels he needs to be dealt with.