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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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AJ questions why Michael didn’t tell him about what happened in prison.  Michael didn’t want to give Carter more power and didn’t want AJ to feel pity towards him.  Michael also felt AJ would have blamed Carly and Sonny. He said he was tired of all the fighting.  AJ did blame Sonny for exposing Michael to a criminal lifestyle, but Michael said Claudia’s death was on him.  AJ assured Michael that nothing will change his love for him.


Monica ran into Tracy at the hospital and told her Franco is alive.  Upset, Monica also spilled the beans about Michael having been raped in prison.

She wondered if she and Alan had fought harder to keep Michael a Quartermaine, if it would have prevented what happened.  Tracy assures her that wasn’t her fault. She said to blame the rapist.  Monica wondered how Michael would get through this again.Tracy said they’ll make sure that he does. TheQuartermaines have each other’s backs.  

Ava wondered how Franco is still alive.  He asked about his daughter. Ava vowed he will never get near Lauren. Franco swore he would never hurt Lauren and promised he’ll find her. 

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Franco brought up the Quartermaine angle; Ava pretended she didn't know what he’s talking about.  Franco figured she’s in Port Charles to get money from the Quartermaines. He pointed out that since he's alive, Lauren's shares are irrelevant. Franco offered Ava a bribe in exchange for access to Lauren. She told him to go to hell. 

Alexis was shocked when Sam told her Franco is alive.  Sam filled her in on Franco’s Soiree of Redemption and claims of never having raped her. Sam said she still felt violated.  he Davis women received another shock when Diane arrived as Silas’ attorney. 

Carly demanded to know if Sonny was going to kill Franco.  Sonny wanted the police to handle things.  Carly said she’ll simply find someone else to do the job. 

Sonny doesn’t want her to be a part of this. Carly realized he’s already planning something.

Sonny said he wants Carly to be innocent in anything that happens to Franco, for Michael's sake. He explained it will be difficult to get Franco at PCPD, without involving Dante. He asked Shawn to execute the hit. Alexis' boyfriend had no problem following the order.

 Kiki became upset when Morgan badmouthed Michael. Morgan wondered what changed since she’d been giving Michael a hard time as well.  Kiki blamed it on her problems with her mother, telling him about her father and his rich family.  Morgan told her to look them up. 

Diane told the judge Silas is Rafe’s only family and is a good doctor from Manhattan; Sam is simply a foster parent.  Alexis countered, saying Rafe has a relationship with Sam and her entire family and with Sami is  where he wants to be.

Rafe informed the judge he feels safe with Sam and wants to stay.  Diane claimed Sam is an unfit mother, because she was married to career criminal Jason Morgan and has her own criminal past.  Alexis insisted Jason was a coffee importer and is no longer alive.  The judge asked for time to decide. Alexis and Sam were furious with Diane, who claimed she was just doing her job.  

Sam wanted to have it out with Silas. He pointed out there is something wrong with Danny.   

AJ told Michael about Ava being in town and that he made her a counter offer.  Michael pointed out that Franco is a Quartermaine. 

Monica was glad Franco is behind bars.  Tracy realized Franco is a grandson and has voting leverage.  

Diane stopped by to see Franco, who was willing to pay her anything to help him get out of going to prison.