Do General Hospital's Sam and Silas Sizzle or Fizzle? (POLL)

Kelly Monaco and Michael Easton know a thing or two about generating heat. The actors were scorching-hot as star-crossed lovers Livvie and Caleb on the short-lived, supernatural sudser Port Charles.


When they reunited years later as Sam and John on General Hospital, the chemistry was definitely still there. Will the third time be the charm?

Easton recently returned to the Port Charles/General Hospital universe as yet another character, Dr. Silas Clay, brother of the late Stephen Clay aka Caleb Morley aka Father Morley. It's no surprise TPTB have Dr. Clay interacting with Sam Morgan and her kids, but will it prove enough to reignite the spark between Monaco and Easton on camera?

Silas has served to antagonize the widowed private dick from the moment they met; first by seeming to give less than two poots about his nephew, Rafe (Jimmy Deshler) and more recently by trying to sue Sam for custody of the teen ward. Then there's Danny. Dr. Silas suspects something is wrong with Sam's son. Is he trying to help the mother out, or is he just screwing with her even more?

Whatever Silas' motives are, the big question is, will it all be enough to make Sam and Silas General Hospital's next It Couple? What do you guys think?

Do Sam and Silas sizzle or fizzle?