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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Silas points out a rash on Danny’s arm.  Sam tells him she was planning on taking Danny to his doctor, but got side tracked by the custody hearing.  Silas advises her to pay more attention to her son, because the rash is serious.  Sam accuses him of calling her unfit and trying to scare her.  Silas warns her to take Danny to the hospital today.  

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Patrick checks in with Sabrina on her new nursing duties.  Britt is taking advantage of being Sabrina’s patient by demanding everything.  Sabrina assures Patrick she can take whatever is dished out.  He promises to make up for lost time. 

Maxie runs into Patrick, and is annoyed Britt has moved in with him.  He tells her Britt is with Sabrina, while she goes through her health crisis.  Maxie praises Sabrina, and feels Robin would approve of her. She tells Patrick not to mess things up with her.  

Felix is not thrilled to be stuck with his sister Taylor for the summer.  She spots TJ, and asks for an introduction.  After Felix leaves, Taylor cozies up to TJ. He tells the girl all about his problems with Molly, and the prom.

Molly reassures Rafe that Alexis will make sure he stays in Port Charles.  Rafe wants them to make plans for prom night, but Molly is hesitant. He asks if she’d rather go with TJ after all.   Rafe feels Molly was punishing TJ, and thinks she should patch things up with him.  

Lulu tells an overjoyed Olivia her memory has returned.   When Maxie arrives, she is thrilled to hear the news.  Maxie mentions The Haunted Star, which reminds Lulu the man who rented the place was Franco.  Dante says Franco is dead, but Maxie lets them know what happened after they left The Haunted Star.  

Silas shows up at Sam's apartment looking for her, but finds Rafe and Molly instead. They're angry to see him. Silas tells them a judge will rule in his favor, and Rafe belongs with him.  

Sam brings Danny to the hospital, and Patrick checks him out.  Patrick notices the rash on his arm, and his swollen lymph nodes.  Sam explains he had a cold he couldn’t shake, and wonders about thalisimia.  Patrick decides to run tests, but reassures Sam everything will be fine.

Felix is surprised to find Britt on his couch, and wonders what possessed Sabrina to take in Britt.  Sabrina tells him she knows Britt’s faking the medical condition, and believes she can get proof by having her around.  Felix informs her that his sister Taylor will also be moving in.  Patrick arrives to check on Britt, and tells her that she’ll be without Sabrina tomorrow because he has plans for her.  

Molly finds TJ, and admits she was wrong for breaking up with him.  She wishes they hadn’t broken up, and wants him back.  Molly asks about going to the prom.  Taylor tells Molly she’s too late, because she’s now TJ’s date to the prom.  

Silas overhears Sam telling Danny everything will be okay.  He tells her not to lie to the child.  Sam tells him she’s waiting for test results.  Silas tells her Danny has cancer.