General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Franco wants Diane to get him out on bail, but she quickly reminds him the long list of charges against him will make it impossible for him to be released.  Franco’s grateful she’s on his side, but Diane finds him disgusting. She doesn't like how he brought pain and suffering to people she cares about.  Franco wonders why she took the case, if she feels so much disdain for him. Diane replies it’s always about the money.  

Sabrina and Felix wake up on the couch together. They're annoyed at being kicked out of their rooms by their new roommates.  Taylor and Britt make demands, and then complain about the results.  Taylor demands money from Felix before heading out to meet TJ. Sabrina wonders what Felix’s sister has on him. 

Silas wants Patrick to give him Danny’s test results, because he’s worried about the baby. However, Patrick says Silas isn’t a doctor at their hospital, and refuses.  

Alexis, Molly and Spin arrive at Sam’s with cake and balloons for Danny’s first birthday. Molly is surprised when Spin mentions Franco’s return.  Sam gets upset and runs upstairs. Alexis checks on her.  Molly explains to Rafe all about Franco.  Rafe asks her about TJ, and she admits he asked someone else to the prom.     

Carly wonders how Sonny plans on taking out Franco while he’s in jail.  Sonny meets with DA Lazaro, and makes a deal.  Sonny wonders if Carly is having second thoughts, but Carly feels Franco needs to be dealt with before he hurts someone else.  

Ellie’s upset Brad has not done any work, but left it all to her to complete.  She finds Britt’s medical file. 

TJ updates Shawn on the prom situation with Molly and Taylor.  Shawn tells him to go after Molly, if that’s what TJ really wants.  Soon after, Taylor arrives and is excited about her dress. TJ decides to keep the date.  

Sam tells Alexis about what happened with Silas.  Alexis assures her that he was just trying to rattle her.  Sam mentions Patrick did some tests on Danny, so Alexis suggests they head to the hospital.  

Spinelli runs into Brad, and chats with him for a bit before spilling water on him.  When Brad leaves the room, Spin goes through his phone.  Britt calls, and Spin pretends to be Brad.  Britt tells him Sabrina and Felix are watching her like a hawk.  She reminds Brad she got him the promotion, and he needs to help her.  

The judge lists all of Franco’s sins.  Diane says Franco came back to make amends and clear his name.  She requests reasonable bail.  DA Lazaro has no problem with the bail, which surprises both Diane and the judge.  The judge orders Franco to pay bail. Then, he’s free to go.  

Patrick tells Sam he has Danny’s results.  

Sonny summons Shawn, and tells him Franco made bail.  Shawn heads to the courthouse.