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Jesse Does What it Takes to Get Cassandra Back on All My Children

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Jesse (Darnell Williams) questioned the girls they found at the underground whorehouse. They said they didn’t know where Cassandra (Saleisha Stowers) had been taken. Jesse broke down as he begged them to tell him any little thing they might know. Billy Clyde Tuggle (Matthew Cowles) lurked about, and Jesse questioned his presence at the whorehouse.

Meanwhile, Petey (Robert Scott Wilson) was going ballistic over David’s (Vincent Irizarry) attempt to force Cortlandt Electronics to work with him.

Brooke (Julia Barr) called David over to the Chandler mansion to offer him the opportunity to be interviewed on her new show Talk Tempo.

Angie (Debbi Morgan) shared her feelings with Joe (Ray MacDonnell) about what was happening to Cassandra.

Billy Clyde Tuggle was taken back to the Pine Valley Police department where Zach (Thorsten Kaye) and Agent Marquez (Paula Garces) grilled him some more. Tuggle protested by professing his innocence, and lack of connection to what happened to Cassandra.

Petey and Celia (Jordan Lane Price) returned to Pine Valley, where he ran into David at Jane’s Addiction. I love how David still calls him  “Petey” instead of "Pete" like everyone else. Petey told David he wasn’t going to be held hostage by the shit storm David was trying to stir up.

Jesse received a call from Cassandra’s kidnapper, but as he was trying to negotiate, Angie rushed in. After watching Angie break down, Jesse told the kidnapper he’d do what he wanted.

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Jesse and Angie were at home, and Jesse tried to assure Angie things would work out. She asked him if he could actually promise that it would, which of course, he couldn’t. Jesse met with Cassandra’s kidnapper, who told him he would have to help him fake a death.

At the Chandler mansion, JR (Ryan Bittle) still had the steroids he’d found in AJ’s (Eric Nelsen) room.  AJ came into the living room, and JR told him he wanted to be a good dad.

Hello Colby Chandler (Brooke Newton) in that slinky black and white dress paired with hot pink and yellow stilettos. Talk about making a first impression. Longtime Daytime Confidential listeners know Colby was one of my pet All My Children characters. I can’t wait to see how this Colby works out. I hope she ends up more like Ambyr Childers' version of the character.

After leaving Jane’s Addiction, Colby made a beeline for the Chandler mansion. She reunited with Brooke, AJ and her brother JR. She quickly stuck it to JR for being a bad brother for the past five years.  After JR and AJ left, Colby hit Brooke up for 20 grand. Brooke told her the bank of Chandler was closed, but offered her a job at Teen Tempo.  Colby said she’d call her daddy to get the money, if Brooke wouldn’t cut her a check.

Unfortunately for Colby, Adam (David Canary) wouldn’t give her the money either. She took her frustration out on JR, and told him to get his act together. If he didn't, she warned Brooke was going to take everything from them.

Celia asked Evelyn Johnson (Francesca James) if her parents were cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Celia met up with Petey later, but was interrupted by Colby. Colby sure gets around Pine Valley, doesn’t she?

David and AJ met at Jane's Addiction and caught up. I appreciated those scenes, because one of the things that has always humanized David has been his love for his family. I want more scenes of David with his grandson.

Angie prayed for God to give Cassandra the strength to get through her ordeal and find her way home safely.