SPOILERS: Is Kyle Abbott Dating His SISTER on The Young and the Restless?

Summer's Paternity: While the Newman heiress is hearing "Pomp and Circumstance", Nick is dealing with the results of her paternity test. Look for the news to send Papa Bear Newman reeling. Does he have an announcement to make? Meanwhile, Kyle and Summer go on their first official date.


Cane/Lily/Tyler/Devon: The Ashbys do their best figure out the whole live, work, play thing, but will Lily's continued connection to Tyler throw off her attempts at achieving work/life balance? Watch for Devon to continue to be a thorn inTyler's side.

Chloe and Kevin: The fashionista finally accepts who her husband is. Can she live with a crook?

Michael/Lauren/Carmine/Sharon: As the Fenmore-Baldwins attempt to repair their fractured union, look for Carmine to use the same "card tricks" that got Lauren's panties wet on Sharon! Lord knows that girl doesn't need much encouragement. Will Carmine take Sharon to bed, or will another dude at On The Boulevard catch her eye?

Fenmore: The former teen bully gets a taste of his own medicine, just in time for graduation.

Victor/Adam: The Newman patriarch has a stern warning for his black sheep. Will Adam heed Daddy's advice?

Villy: Both Billy and Victoria have been keeping secrets from one another. When everything comes out in the open, who will have the right to be ticked the most?

Jack/Traci: Jack begins to question if everything is alright in his baby sister's marriage. Has Steve been showing out again?